Ugly Duckling

Yesterday, I was watching a cartoon. I couldn’t believe the subliminal message that was included this cartoon. Watch and see if you will catch it.

It starts off with a drake looking worried and then, he goes off and talks to his wife( girlfriend lol!). She tells him something disappointing, he goes away looking worried. Suddenly, he hears his ducklings chirping and he runs over to them with joy. By the way, he is so elated to see his four ducklings, he picks them up and kisses them.

Afterwards, he runs to his wife and gives her a kiss. As they are hugging and starring at their ducklings, at that moment, the wife or girlfriend gets another egg. Looking surprised, the Drake and his wife looks at the egg and then, the drake hits the egg and this white duckling comes out. The drake looks from the white duckling to his brown ducklings each time with a surpised look on his face.

All of a sudden, both parents looks at the white duckling now with an angry look on their faces. The drake’s anger escalates because he thinks his wife or girlfriend have been cheating on him. In duck language, he asked “how do you explain this?” she replies “I don’t know.”   Parents never argue in front of your children. With no regards for their new duckling, they start arguing back and forth as the new duckling stares. The argument got so heated that his wife hits him on the head(LOL!)

They both so angry that they went their separate ways. Mama duck took her brown ducklings leaving the white duckling all alone. Not knowing where to go, the white duckling runs over to join her brothers and sisters. Each ducklings climb on their mother’s back and she does roll call then she hears an extra chirp, she halts and she sees the white duckling, also on her back, she pushes the white duckling off.

Thinking her mother was joking, the ducking return back to join the crew. Her mother screams at her to go away and her sibling chorus the same thing. Not knowing what to do the duckling looks at herself in the water for the first time, she realizes that she is “white” and different from her brown brother and sister ducklings. She couldn’t believe her eyes and had to see herself for the second time to confirm that she was seeing right. Finally, it clicks why she is not accepted.

…cutting the long story short, she gets accepted by her own kind.

Subliminal message: race segregation..

As a society, we are so superficial. Why does someone have to look like us, smell like us, think like us, eat like us, before they get accepted. What is wrong with us?

If we were all the same, life would be boring. Variety is the integredient that spices life.

Not accepting someone cos they don’t have the same race is idiotic. Let’s go deeper, let’s not accept ppl cos they don’t have the same color of hair, eyes, height, sex and length of nails. Why do we esteem color of skin more than the color of eyes, and hair? What makes the color of skin more important than the color of eyes and hair?

Breeding hatred for another on skin color shows your true intelligence. Separating yourself from other just means you’re running away from your own self and that’s an internal dilemma b/w you and yourself. Get healed!

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