Dating a Nigerian Guy Online

Hello Ladies,

This post is solely my opinion.
I have received a lot of emails about dating Nigerian men online.
Mind you, I am not against online dating.
I want you ladies to be realistic about online dating.
Personally, I think that online anything is an illusion of reality.

Be realistic with yourself about the guy you are dating online.
I don’t recommend dating anybody you haven’t met in person.
I also do not recommend you talking to Nigerian guys who can’t come to visit you.
I also do not recommend you going alone to a Nigeria to visit a man you have never met. Several countries may be easier to visit. That’s your call.

Nigerians are everywhere. Talk to the ones in your home countries or the ones who can physically visit you without your help.
It’s really easy to fall in love online.
Be careful.

Can online dating work? Yes!
There are outliners out there.
If you don’t see the possibility of you both meeting physically within a year. Is it really worth it? This is a question you need to answer.

I wish you favor on your love quest.

Please let me know what you think?

Dear Nigerian Girl, Be a REBEL.

Nigerian girl be a rebel

1. Rebel against the mindset that you need a man to take care of you.
If no one is hiring, start your own business. What can your hands do to bring you money?
Find it and do it!!

2. Rebel against the mindset that you MUST marry from your culture. I am a firm believer that love doesn’t discriminate. If he loves you and you love him, please do not give up fighting to be with the person you love.

3. Rebel against the mindset that you are supposed to manage in an abusive marriage.

4. Rebel against the mindset that you are second class citizen.

5. Rebel against the mindset that your self-worth is found in a relationship with a man. Find your self-worth outside your husband and marriage. Find your self-worth within.

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African Proverbs about Love..


1. Falling in love is easy, staying in love is the hustle. (- Africa)

2. It is better to be loved than feared. (- Sierra Leone)

3. One doesn’t love another if one doesn’t accept anything from her. (- Chad, Niger, Nigeria- Kanuri/Bornu)

4. Love doesn’t listen to rumors.

5. Love is like a baby: it needs to be treated tenderly. (- Congo)

6. If a woman doesn’t love you, she calls you brother. (- Ivory CoastBaule)

7. People who love one another do not dwell on each other’s mistakes. (- Kenya- Gikuyu)

8. The house of a person we love is never far. (- Kenya- Gikuyu)

9. A letter from the heart can be read on the face. (- Kiswahili)

10. Love has to be shown by deeds, not words. (- Kiswahili)

11. Love doesn’t rely on physical features. (- Lesotho)

12. He who loves you; loves you with your dirt. (- Uganda- Ganda)

13. The way you got married isn’t the way you’ll get divorced. (- Haiti)

14. He who doesn’t like chattering women must stay a bachelor. (- Congo)

15. It is the habit that a child form at home, that follows them to their marriage. (- Nigeria)

16. If you marry a monkey for his wealth, the money goes and the monkey remains as is. (- Egypt)

17. Having beauty doesn’t mean understanding the perseverance of marriage. (- Africa)

18. If you do not travel, you will marry your own sister. (- Mozambique)

19. Marriage is like a groundnut: you have to crack them to see what is inside. (- Ghana- Akan)

20. The buttocks are like a married couple though there is constant friction between them; they will still love and live together. (- Africa)

21. He who marries a beauty marries trouble. (- Nigeria)

22. It is better to be married to an old lady than to remain unmarried. (- Uganda)

23. A woman who is not successful in her own marriage has no advice to give to her younger generations. (- Nigeria)

24. The man may be the head of the home but the wife is the heart. (- Kenya- Gikuyu)

25. He was entrapped by the evening, it has cost him his marriage. (- Bantu)

26. One who loves you, warns you. (- Uganda- Baganda)

27. Talking with one another is loving one another. (- Kenya)

For more African proverbs, please check out the below website.


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Marrying a Nigerian Man

Hey Everyone,
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Financial Intelligence for Nigerian Men Dating Nigerian Women

Hey Everyone,
This is my first vlog on 9jagirl4real.
This is something new I am starting on this blog!!

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The Fantasy of love and the reality of Marriage..

Tiwa Savage

From a young age, I have always known I would marry for love and nothing else.
I have grown to discover that is not enough.  I also have to use my head.
The reality is the heart will always want what it wants at all cost logical or illogical.

Nowadays, love is not enough.
See your potential mate through the eyes of your future children, what would they say?
The person you choose could become the mother or father of your children.
Is this person the kind of mother or father you want for your children?
A wise man once said, “the spouse you choose is a reflection of your intelligence.”

Forget about their looks, money for once. Will your love stand the test of time?
Is your relationship built on a good foundation?
Will the strength of your love survive the test in marriage?
Whether you choose to stay or leave your marriage will affect your children.

Let’s make this practical.
You convinced a woman to marry you because you have money. Why are you surprise she left now that the money is gone? Whose fault is it?
Don’t blindly marry anybody. The reality of divorce is too real.

Know what you naturally like. Don’t settle for less and think you can change anybody when you enter marriage.
Don’t ignore anything that bothers you in the pre-marital stage thinking that marriage will solve it.
Marriage magnifies your problems.
Seek counsel from people in successful marriages.
Marry someone who genuinely loves you and you also love.

Life will test your marriage.
Equip your relationships with all the necessary tools you need to succeed in your marriage, you owe your children that much.

Take your time to build a solid foundation, so your love can stand the test of time.

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Dating a Nigerian Man 101: Is your Man Really Nigerian?

Nigerian MAn
Ladies, something happens to all immigrants when they migrate to a different country. They have to learn the social norms, culture etc..
For example,
I moved to America more than ten years ago. A lot of people argue that I am an American. For people like me who have lived outside their home country for a long period of time, it takes a conscious effort to hold onto to our culture.

There are some immigrants who migrate to a different country in a few years choose to abandon their own culture and background completely to be fully integrated into their new society. I still consider myself “Nigerian,” but my biological sister considers herself “American.” Every immigrant has to make that personal decision at some point in their new country. It varies for every immigrant.

With that being said.
Your Nigerian guy may really be an American, South African, British..etc. You have to know his percentage.

What do I mean by his percentage?

You need to judge the way he thinks. Does he think like an American majority of the time or does he think like a Nigerian? Again, one has to make a conscious effort to think like a Nigerian in an American society. If he thinks 90% of the time like an American, yes.. you may really be dealing with an American man. If he has been in the United States all his life and he thinks like a typical Nigerian, you need to pay attention to that because it means he is consciously holding onto his Nigerian culture.

If he has lived in other countries that will also influence the way he thinks. Don’t forget to ask the right questions. I had a lady last year tell  me that she gets frustrated that her husband is not in tune with his culture. He doesn’t like to eat his cultural food or do anything with his Nigerian background. The point this lady missed was that she is married to an American man. You can’t force someone’s culture on someone. There are other important things to focus on. Let it go, that’s one less thing to fight about.

I wish you all the best with your relationship with our Nigerian men. Don’t forget to treat our men WELL!!