Unconditional Love cravings…

A baby craves snuggling in the arms of a parent or caretaker. When he or she cries the warmth of their affection gently eases them out of their discomfort. A little hug, kiss, and tender care means the world to a baby. As the baby grows into a toddler and starts exploring the world with a little fear of uncertainty. When “bo-bos” happen, they cry and run back to their parent to feel save and secure again. After getting that reassurance, return back to the adventure.

As toddlers grow into preschoolers they start looking for affirmation from parents and caregivers. At this stage, they love to take initiative and receive positive reinforcements for their accomplishment. At different times, they still like to cuddle and steal away kisses and hugs. As preschoolers grow into their school age yrs,  they begin to build friendship from this stage. Here, they crave love from their friends along with positive reinforcement from parents or caregivers for their performance.

As schoolage students grow into teenagers, they begin to crave the acceptance from their peers and attention from the opposite sex. They start building intimate relationships with the opposite sex where they crave the love from their boyfriends or girlfriends.Twenties or thirties.. they begin to crave love and attention from their significant other, growing children extended family members and friends.

Thirties and fourties..they still crave love and attention from their significant other, children, grand children, other family members and friends. Forties and fifties.. they still crave love from their significant other, if they are still alive, then children  grand children, other family members and friends. Fifties, sixties, seventies and so on.. they still craves love from their significant other if they are still alive, then children, grand children, great grandchildren, family members and friends.

Throughout life, we will always crave to love and be loved.  Love is so important to God  that’s why he created us that way. Regardless, the amount of love we get from others, none can top the love given to us by our creator.  Unconditional love is the type of love that is freely given without any price. Until we go to the creator of love to fill us with his love, we will continue to crave.. and crave….

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