To God be the Glory!


Your love is so real..
I can always count on you to be always be here..
One of my favorite songs to you is “everywhere I go, I know you’re not far away..”
Cos you’re so real.
Your peace gives certainty..
Everyday is as gift for me to glorify your name..
You turn my mess into messages.
You help me through every difficult time.
You keep me stable in the midst of storms.
You give me a reason to strive and continue to press forward.
Oh that my ways will praise you..
That I will stop concentrating on vain things to seek your ways.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."-Ps 19:1

You’re my song.
I hope all the days of my life will make you happy.
Life matters cos you matter.
The reason for life is You!
You in my life makes a huge difference.
You shine your light to every darkness.
Who can stand b/f you?
Who can question your awesomeness?
So full of compassion and plenteous in mercy..
To the author of wisdom,
To whom, who sits on the throne be all the Glory, HONOR..
I bow b/f your awesomeness..
To the Lord of my life..
To my certainty in the midst of uncertainties..
My comfort
My life
My everything
My joy
My peace
Lord, you’re too much..
For all you do for me and my family..
And choosing to die on the cross for me
Am grateful..

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