Missing Piece..

God gave Adam his missing rid by giving him Eve. Subconsciously, we are still looking for that missing some(thing, one) attribute currently absent in our lives. Anything, anyone lacks, they search for it externally. If a girl doesn’t feel pretty(internally), she searches for attention and affirmation from guys to feel beautiful(externally). Somehow, we believe that finding external gratification will appease the emptiness on the inside. A guy feels hurt, rejected, torn and all sort of negative emotions(internally), he doesn’t know how to handle all those emotions at once, as a result, he drinks excessively to get to a state of euphoria, where forgets all his trouble, or he smokes all kinds of drugs to reach that elated state when all his troubles seems to disappear(externally). What about the guy that has been hurt so many times that he has closed his heart to love(internally), but seeks to get revenge for his emotional turmoil by breaking lots of girls hearts(externally). Let’s not forget the girl that feels worthless that she feels that she can buy his love, by giving up her value. Casting blaming on others for the current state of our lives is an external fix from an internal lack of responsibility.

Look into yourself are you using external factors to fix internal matters that only requires internal self-fix.  We leave in a microwave society,     Image where we sabotage our internal symptoms to use external things to try to fix internal matters. Don’t get me wrong, times will come where we need external therapies to help us internally. If you have a low self-esteem, getting attention from guys is only a temporary quick fix that wouldn’t completely eradicate this problem. Plus, different guys have their own preferences, no matter how fine you’re..Not every guy is going to physically attracted to you. You need to add more substance to your value. External therapies for self-esteem are definitely temporary. Until you esteemed yourself, no-one will esteem you. We project ourselves to others; afterwards, they echo back what we are saying to ourselves.  Build yourself from unconditional internal factors that no matter what ppl say, it wouldn’t change how you view yourself. First of all: You’re made in the image of Almighty God. Yes! You were creatively created. Of course, you’re fearfully and wonderfully made…There’s no better you than you. God created the best you! God has invested his incomprehensible knowledge in making you. Never question the way you look. God knew what he was doing when he created you. You’re not Ugly.. Stop saying or meditating on that.. Your man will love you just the way you’re. If you have to change for anyone then, they’re probably not for you. God’s love is unconditional. His sacrifice for us is the best example of true love. I tell others, if you don’t like me.. Pray for me, cos I wouldn’t change for you to like me..sry! There’s nothing selfish about true love. You don’t believe me, check out 1 Cor 13. (That’s another blog..watch out). Find your self worth from God’s unconditional love for you. Regardless, who rejects you, God will always accept and Love you no matter what. Build yourself in the fact that God LOVES YOU..

If you’re smoking your life away or drowning yourself in alcohol; look internally what is really going on? Until you’re honest with yourself, you will continue killing yourself in self-pity. Life is so fragile, we are not promised tomorrow. You want peace, find it within you. Yes, within you. In God! We were created by God. His hand prints is all over you, so reach out to God and you will find the peace you need within. No-one can give peace like God can.

More examples: if you don’t accept yourself, you will search for acceptance from other ppl. If You don’t love yourself, you search for love from others. You get the gist.

We all have that missing piece in our lives and we are searching for it, subconsciously or consciously, but nothing can fill that gap except God. In God, we find true satisfaction not derived from money, career, family, friends, traveling, name it..etc.

God created us so we you could find him. He is our missing piece!!

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