Upgrade your Man Survey!!

Every lady deserves her best


1. Does your man beat you? YES or NO
2. Does you man verbally bring you down? Yes or No
3. Is your man lazy? Yes or No
4. Has your man cheated? Yes or No

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Yes girl, YOU need an UPGRADE! Except your married, answering yes to question 2 and 3 means you need counseling..

If you’re married and answered “Yes” to the first question. Red Alert: Immediately, You need to get help. Living with an abusive man is a slow kill. You need to reach out to anyone that will listen: Please RUN and get help.

To my Christain ladies:

1. Does your man have an intimate relationship with God? YES or NO
2. Does your man put you before God? Yes or No
3. Does your man push you to compromise your standards? Yes or No
4. Does your man respect your boundaries? Yes or No
5. Does your man accept you just the way you’re? Yes or No
6. Are you attracted to this man? Yes or No
7. Are the feelings mutual? Yes or No

If you answered more than two “NO”.. You need an Upgrade. Especially for number 1. If he doesn’t have a relationship with God, that’s a problem. We can’t be unequally yoked. Remember two can’t work together except they agree.

“love should spur you with the feeling like you can conquer the world”

You deserve a man that loves you unconditionally..
One that doesn’t compare you to the rest.
One that reminds you that you’re his best.
One that gives you heart security.
What is Heart security?
Heart security is when you’re at peace that he loves you
and he wouldn’t just leave u for another.

You deserve a man that
…fights you..
… put you second after God.
…is willing to do anything for you

Love is a gift.
Ladies, we doesn’t need to fight for Love.
God will give us our gift at the right now.

You deserve the man of your dreams.
To keep the man of your dreams..
You have to work on yourself,
so, when he arrives,
you wouldn’t chase him away.

Every lady deserve Her Best.
Never settle..
Upgrade your man today..

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