How to know a Nigerian man loves you?

1. You will know-Ladies, we have something special called “female intuition” and it wouldn’t lead you astray. If your judgment is not clouded by past hurts, trust issues, and premarital sex, you should be able to trust your female intuition. Most of the time when we ask people for relationship advice, we subconsciously want them to tell us something different from the truth we already know. You already know if he loves you or not.

2. If you are sexually active with him; tell him you want to abstain from sex for a little while and see how he responds to that. If he loves you, he will abstain genuinely without cheating on you with somebody else. If he doesn’t love you, he will definitely cheat on you. Personally, I think it is better to stay away from sex during your premarital relationship because sex will cloud your judgment.

3. If you are sexually active, bring up the topic about having kids and see his reaction. If he doesn’t love you, the idea of having kids with you will not seat well with him. Ask and see his reaction. If he sees a future with you, he most likely loves you.

4. Nigerian men value their families. If he you are the first girl to meet his family, he really loves you. If the Nigerian guy has the habit of bringing girls home then ignore this point. Nigerian families are evolving before if a guy brought someone to meet his family his intentions were clear.

5. Friends-if he brings you around his friends, it’s a good sign. When you meet his friends, you want to pay attention to how they treat you. If he is a player-type, they might treat you like one of his many girls. Be observant and make your own judgment.

7. Love yourself and you will know when you are loved.

1. Nigerian men are very intelligent. Be smart on how you deal with Nigerian men.
2. A Nigerian man will sleep with you and go back home(Nigeria) to marry a virgin.

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66 thoughts on “How to know a Nigerian man loves you?

  1. That is true because I manipulated an American girl to get greencard, and after I got her pregnant, I went back to Nigeria that to be with a another girl who turns out to be a gold digger.

  2. This is so TRUE!!!! Married to my husband now, I know he loves me, but we never were really verbal with our feelings. He rarely would say verbally he loves me, but I knew he did. When I would express my feelings, he would act like a kid that seen breasts for the first time like (eeewweee SO GROSS!!!), or his reaction was like LOVE is Nasty. It was so funny to see the reaction when I told him I loved him. When we would have disagreements in public. It would drive him OVER THE EDGE if I said bay…I love you so much, you so sexy when you mad. He would get drove and eventually we weren’t mad anymore. I was showing him he was so CHILDISH.

    Now he expresses his feelings to me frequently. In addition my man DONT CLEAN up. His chores consists of only vacuuming and sorting the dirty clothes (SO I DONT MESS UP his SHIRTS), but the good thing about our relationship is If I dont do chores HE KNOWS DONT TEST ME! If you really want the dishes washed Im sure he knows how to use the soap and sponge.

    Deeply in love <3

  3. Well I am dating a Nigerian he is the love of my life,he can be stubborn sometimes but so am I we love one another and thats all that matters!!!! I am American by the way!

  4. I’m South African, and a Nigerian guy is asking me out. Well, we’ve been friends for a while now and he thinks we should explore the other side of love now.
    Now he’s been here in S.A for five years now, so the greencard is out, knowing him I think it’s a genuine gesture, but close friends don’t see it as genuine.

    For some very odd reason (my friends would say), I’m not attracted to S.A men, I just don’t think they’re “African” enough if you know what I mean. And no, I don’t go for Nigerians only, whether he’ll be from Lesotho, Congo or Egypt I don’t really mind, as long as he’s from Africa. It’s just my preference I guess.
    So anyways, I happen to be one of those people who Google everything, so I happened to search for “dating Nigerian men” and I stumbled upon this thread. I think I’ll be signing up for this blog, love it!

  5. I met a Nigerian man on Facebook April 9, 2015 it’s been a year and counting and I’m beyond in love with him. I am a biracial American woman and he is ibo. I’ve met his roommate, friends, and his mother and cousin all via FaceTime he has met my mother, and friends via FaceTime we are currently planning my trip for this summer. I really can not wait to be in presence. I have never loved a man so much and I have never met a man online and never physically met him but fell in love with him. This guy sends me gifts, he got me a necklace a personalize pillow with out picture a coffee mug and more! He is soooo thoughtful he tells me all the time for no reason how much he loves me and I mean to him how beautiful I am and more. When we are argue he has patiences and helps me calm down when he gets mad he distance his self but he still say I love u I just need a second baby please. This man is magical! He sends me money, he supports encourages and truly loves me! We talk for hours at a time consistently… He makes me feel safe and secure 9k miles away! I know God loves me and he is the one for me! We talk of a future a family kids and marriage ALL THE TIMES traveling and buying. Home and much more! I know I have an amazing man!

  6. Hi im l.s i met a nigerian online yesterday he sends beautiful sayings to me and saying he loves me already,and asked me to send some letter to help him get a visa,its too soon,plese give me feed back

  7. I’m married to a Nigerian and I went to Nigeria to marry him. The trip was good and the people were nice, most importantly my husband treats me well. We are still apart bc the visa process just takes a while. I met my husband through a good friend of mines in school, we’re like best friends but I know he secretly likes me but I have never been interested. After I married the friend started saying nasty things about my husband. But what hurts the most is him saying the mom and aunt don’t truelly accept me, bc I’m not Nigerian. My husband tries to reassure me but honestly I do fear he will leave me once he is here and settled bc it does happened and I’ve heard lots of horror stories. As contradicting as it may sound, I never had an gut instinct he’s being false, I feel he really loves me. We have developed a lot just from being apart and learning each other. I really love him and he always tells me his first priority when he gets here is for us to get pregnant, and him to work hard to take care of me after all I done. I feel like I’m betraying his love just by posting this but I’d like to hear a genuine response.

  8. I am a Mexican-American woman who has been dating my Nigerian man for 6 years now. We are so in love and have the most genuine relationship that I have ever seen. We are so different yet appreciate each other’s uniqueness. After all this time he still treats me like a princess every day!

    We first met at a gas station where he offered to pay for my drinks and I politely declined. We got to talking and hit it off and have been inseparable since that day. I had nothing to my name at the time and he was just finishing nursing school. Now I have a steady career and he is a doctor. We pushed each other to be our best. We both have a child from a previous relationship and no child of our own, but we are planning to have one after our marriage. When we first started dated the Nigerian culture was hard for me to get adjusted too but after a while I started to understand and fit right in. I love the food, the music, the people. And our family values and religion are the same! He still treats me like a princess every day. Life is just perfect with him. The first year he was very hesitant about bringing me around his family because he knew his mother would not approve of me being Hispanic, but eventually he decided to take a stand for himself. His family loves me now and his mother has come to terms with his decision. My family had a hard time at first too. I think a lot of it had to do with us already having a child of our own from previous relationships, but we never had an issue with that. I love his daughter and he loves my son.

    At this point there is no living my life without this man by my side. I know he feels the same. We just complete each other. That’s all there is to it.

  9. Hi i do hope so i could learn and hear from you guys i need some advise . Im dating a nigerian guy .. Weve met only in the internet and then after that we meet personnally coz hes already living here in the philippines for 5yrs . Im really confused coz when were not together he doesnt texted me unless ill txt him or call him . He did taking me home but he did not meet my family his only taking me home outside our house . I just want to ask if os he taking me serious or just playin arround with me

  10. Hi i do hope so i could learn and hear from you guys i need some advise . Im dating a nigerian guy .. Weve met only in the internet and then after that we meet personnally coz hes already living here in the philippines for 5yrs . Im really confused coz when were not together he doesnt texted me unless ill txt him or call him . He did taking me home but he did not meet my family his only taking me home outside our house . I just want to ask if os he taking me serious or just playin arround with me

  11. I am an American and my coworker gave my number to a Nigerian. Man he says he loves me after a week of talk very sweet talk but he doesnt want kids
    What do yall think

    • Nigerian guys do that a lot. Tell him to allow you to get to know him first before he says he loves you. It’s very important to let him know that at the beginning. Why doesn’t he want kids, you need to explore that question.

  12. am i single mom of two, i met my partner whose Nigerian almost a year ago. his a single dad of two, both kids are from his two different marriages here in southafrica. I’ve known him for almost a year. he is a good man. recently i spoke out about him not spending much time with me and he got so upset with me. its been three months since ive heard from him. He introduced me to his older brother. I meet my boyfriend my nieces birthday party and we just got talking. enjoyed each others company and decided after a while to get into a relationship. After i told him that i needed him to spend more time with me that when hmmmm it all went wrong. like i mentioned that its been three months since we spoke. he wouldn’t take my calls, or answer my messages. thou he spoke with my daughter occasionally. just recently he contacted me, as says he was checking on. i love him much and ive apologiesed cause he says i spoke to him badly. but i belive that i spoke to him in a manner that i felt was not harsh. i just clearly expressed how i felt and how pained i was. what do i do

    • Be very careful!! Pray about him and this situation!!! I think its strange he took it so wrongly, went away but sometimes talked to your child? And then pops up to check on you. It may be time to leave him alone, pray about it. Seems fishy

    • I understand your pain. Finding Nigerian true love can be real hard. Me being a Nigerian man myself, I can tell you some helpful tips. If your man is ever treating you rude, it could be a sign that he loves you. Maybe it will be helpful if you meet up with me. 😉 We could have some candy, or coffee, talk about relationships, and maybe I could help you.

  13. Hi, I’m was just suffering trying to get info about the Nigerian culture and Nigerian men. Ten months ago I met this Nigerian man where I work. There was instant attraction between us. He asked me out several times and I would stand him up Everytime. I has to have surgery and he came to see me in the hospital. We got to be very good friends. He still ask me to go out n I stand him up this went

  14. Hello,I met a Nigeria man in Hong Kong. I’m Chinese.
    I really have no idea does he really love me.
    Can we PM to chat?

  15. I am a south african and i met a nigerian guy on facebook i asked for his contacts then… we started tlking on wtsapp after isent hm a voice note told me that he enjoys my voice he fels like am real then after few days he told me yhat he loves me. So we talk alot on whatsapp he calls me he told me that he has a gf but his planning his future with me his talking aboitirtiage and kids je s3nds me videos and evrything that he does he takes a picture and send it to me and he gets jelous easily…..i love him and i can feel that he loves me alot…he wants to send to come to nigeria…what should i do..?

  16. Hello, I have been dating a Nigerian guy for close to 10 years now, i have two kids with him. During those years he got married in Nigeria without me knowing and even had 3 kids with this woman. I had gotten pregnant before he got married and he asked me to marry him first, but because i wanted to finish my University studies i said we should wait. He told me after i found out the reason why he married that woman was because he thought i was going to leave him when i got to University and also he wanted someone to look after his mother in Nigeria, while he was in S.A.. He says he had since left his wife in Nigeria and he wants to marry me in S.A. His mother has since passed on and he says his questioning if the last born from his wife is his. He also cheated on me with anothet nigerian girl here in S.A. , when i was pregnant with his 2nd bor
    n. i am currently staying with him, unmarried, with the kids, but our relationship seems distant. I dont know if i should continue to invest in this relationship or leave and concentrate on raising my kids, alone. Please give me clearance.

  17. Hello!!

    I met a Nigerian man last month and we have been talking very steadily I really really like him he is 7 years younger than me and that bothers me a little bit but he seems very mature for his age he has been in the United States since 2010 and last week his cousin told me that he would be going back home very soon because of trump getting in office I’m not sure what to believe but I couldn’t help but to ask him about it he said he was never going to mention it to me he was going to just go back home so now he is asking me to marry him because he does not want to leave me and what we have and what we are working on I’ve been really a lot of Articles lately concerning Nigerian man and I’m not sure what to do at this point please assist I would greatly appreciate it if you were able to.

  18. Hello! I have been dating this Nigerian guy, he has 4 kids here in South Africa with deferent women, its been 8months now but he doesn’t express his feelings for me, he only contact me when he is stressed. what must I do

  19. I have been seeing a Nigerian man for almost a year now. He expressed his interest in me very quickly after we met. I had just came out a long term relationship, so I was not looking to date another and I told him this. Alas, he persisted and we became sexually involved. At the time I did not mind our arrangement, but I have since grown attached to him and I told him of my feelings. He was appreciative that I told him and that I felt that way, but he is leaving to go back home soon (Nigeria) as he only came for his studies which he has now completed. Despite not asking me to be in a relationship, I feel we have maintained what we have as he knows I am a match for him in terms of intelligence, sexual compatibility etc. The most obvious thing I lack is that I am not “black”. (Apologies I hope that does not sound big headed or offend anyone).
    Is there anything else I can do to maintain or push our relationship forward or is it best I forget about him when he leaves? I know I deserve more than what he is giving me right now as well.

      • We said our goodbyes before he went back to Nigeria . I was tearful before we left for the station. He says he wants us to be friends for the long haul and that this would not be the last time that we would see. In my mind I would like to see him again and keep in touch, but if we are not going to progress towards a relationship, should we bother?

  20. I dated a Nigerian man here in the U.S. for about 4-5 years he is a lawyer. This was about 17-18 yrs ago. He has always kept in some sort of contact with me even know he returned to Nigeria he says he never married and never had a family. we are both in our 50 now and he is talking of moving back to the U.S. for good. I’m Leary of the talk I’m more into seeing action before I trust and believe. however we have just been friends since he left the U.S. years ago , is he assuming our relationship will just pick up where it left off at as if he owns me? I’m all good with just keeping it casual and friends I’m to old and set in my ways to play house. He text provocative internet saying and pics to me and constantly asking what I have done with other men in the bedroom through the years. I definitely don’t ask him about this topic. on the other hand he will also text me a very sweet good morning prayer and background pic something just from the internet but the time and thought is put into it and it is very sweet. I used to be able to read this man like a book and could predict his every move and what he would say. now I’m totally lost and confused.

  21. I met a Nigerian man last week. 29 years old, Educated, Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from a prestigious school in America. I’m an African-American, and he immediately acts like he wants to date seriously. Like before we even met in person one time! He already was asking me how many kids I wanted to have at the end of our first date. How do I handle this delicately? I think he isn’t a scammer type for papers as he’s been in the States for 4 years and has two Master’s degrees from American universities. I want to get to know him better, but all of these horror stories about green cards has me spooked. Please advise me!

    • Every Nigerian guy is not bad. Yes, some men do move fast. Tell him you would like to know him as a friend then go from there. If he really likes you, he will listen. Don’t let fear be your guide.

  22. Hi. I’ve been dating a Nigerian for 15 months. I’ve been to Nigerian twice. I met him Mom & family. I am order than him. When we met, he thought we were the same age so when I told him & his family my actual age, they said that did not matter because they just saw the love & genuineness. The father feels I can add to his son’s maturity. He proposed to me in month 11, after I have previously been separated & divorced. He brought peace in my life and I feel he has been very patient with me, accept me for my natural ways, and rarely complain. I am an American with two children. He doesn’t have kids however, he wants 2 after we marry. Should I date him for at least two years before we marry? I want to make sure we are both making the right decision.

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