When Jesus Say Yes?-Nigerian vs. American…

The Nigerian Version of when Jesus Say Yes..

I remember growing up to hear this song in Nigeria. This song is part of my childhood memories.

The American Cover of When Jesus Yes by Michelle Williams..

I am very proud of Michelle Williams for Americanizing this song.
I have to be honest; the American version of this song took me off guard.
She made an old Nigerian gospel song sound very modern with a little spice of her flavor.
I also want the original artists of this song to get the credit as well.
We are starting to bridge the cultural gap between Americans and Africans.
Very nice..

2015 Music Challenge for Popular Nigerian Artists: Say No to Nyash Music..

bankyMusic Challenge 1: Make a song that has nothing to do with a woman’s behind and breasts. We have enough songs about our women body part. I think we can all agree that our women are blessed.

Music Challenge 2: Make a song about our corrupt political system that is putting our country behind. It makes no sense to be singing about sex, butts, breast when our people are suffering. Your afro-beats are contagious. It is time to  use your talent to cause a change reaction in our country.

Music Challenge 3: Make a song in a village setting different from your ethnic group. Nigeria has many different cultures that is not yet represented in our music. Learn the culture and showcase their culture in your next music video.

Music Challenge 4: Collaborate with other artists to make a song that unites us. A song for peace and not war, we are currently fighting the war against Boko Haram. Show some support for the children who were kidnapped.

Music Challenge 5: Make a song that is completely different from what your fans are used to. You need to reinvent yourself to stay relevant. Afro-artists can’t be placed in a box. Fans want to hear song different from the norm.

Music Challenge 6: Showcase some young people in your videos who are doing great things in their academics or community. Let your songs send a positive message to society.

Music Challenge 7: After you have made all the money. Please think about the people. Think about your country.

For the Love of Nigeria.. NO MORE BOOTY SONGS. Say No to Nyash Music in 2015…

THANK YOU for Helping Nigeria DEFEAT Ebola..

The World Health Organization declared Africa’s largest country by population “Ebola-free” on Monday, a sign of how easily the virus could have been contained had other West African countries acted as swiftly as Nigeria did.-The Wall Street Journal

This is one of the most excited news I have heard in a long time from Nigeria. I am so proud of my country for taking active steps to defeat Ebola.  THANK YOU to all the W.H.O doctors who traveled from their home country to help us contain this deadly virus, State and federal Ministries of Health, volunteers, helpers and anybody who played a part in helping us defeat Ebola. THANK YOU so much!!!! God bless you each and every one of you and your families. We appreciate all your help!!!!

I encourage every Nigerian to use the social media to say thank you to people who worked hard to help us eradicate Ebola.

Happy Independence Day, NIGERIA!!!


I pray for a country free of violence, corruption, hatred, hostility,and selfish politicians. Dreams without actions are a fantasy. What are you doing daily to help make Nigeria a better place?

Nigerian Report Card: Nigerian Wedding Dance 2014

Nigerians, its time to report to class for your Nigerian Report Card. 

We start this series off by grading Nigerians Wedding Dance 2014 on Youtube. The categories on how the dances will be graded are: 

1. Creativity (1-10)
2. Music (1-10)
3. Synchronism-everybody dances on one accord (1-10)
4. Video quality (1-10)
5. Originality (1-10)

The highest score for each category is a 10. The highest score a dance can earn is 50 and the lowest score is 1.

Let the Grading Begin.

Yemi and Mayowa Dance 1:

Creativity: 10.. (The dance was very creative) 
Music: 10 (loved it)
Synchronism: 10 (Nobody was off) 
Video Quality: 10.. It wasn’t blurry. 
Originality: 10 (Song and dance was very different. It was very original) 

Grade: A 

Dance 2: Ayoluvmi and Ope 

Creativity: 6 (I have seen some of those moves before) 
Music: 10 (I loved the combination of American and Nigerian music) 
Synchronism: 9 
Video Quality: 10
Originality: 7 (Some moves were not that original. The Nigerian moves with Nigerian songs were very Nice) 

Grade: B 

Gari and Karen’s Dance 3

Creativity: 10 (Dance moves were entertaining to watch)
Music: 10 (Who doesn’t love Kukere?!)
Synchronism: 2 (Some of the bridesmaids were dancing something else. I hope you noticed the short groomsmen in the front killing it). 
Video Quality: 1 (It should be a zero but I am feeling generous because today is my birthday). 
Originality: 10 (Love the creative moves)

Grade: C 

If you disagree with the grades, comment below and give your own grades. 


My African Childhood Memories..

We rolled old tires everywhere!!! African kids know how to create their own fun.

We played in the rain. The way Americans in the South play in the snow when it snows..

When it rains we will go outside and play in the rain. The way Americans in the South play in the snow when it snows..

ahh.. Fun Memories!!  "If you were born in January stand up"..(singing).

ahh.. Fun Memories!!
“If you were born in January stand up”..(singing).

My brother and me took turns to hold drive each other on our wheelbarrow.

My brother and me took turns to drive each other on our wheelbarrow.

We never complained about anything. We were thankful for everything.
We need to stop complaining and be more thankful.

Why are Nigerians Everywhere?

The truth is each Nigerian has their own reason why they are where they are.
Here are my top reasons why Nigerians are Everywhere:

1. Nigerians value Education
Did you know the United States doesn’t recognize college degrees from Nigerian schools? I can’t speak for other countries. They are some college degrees that are accepted but it rarely gets accepted. For a Nigerian who wants to further their education in another country; going to school in Nigeria might be a waste of time because that school might not recognize their degree. Most people who school in Nigeria might have to start college all over again to get a degree because their Nigerian degree is not accepted.
-Some Nigerians are in your Country for Education.

2. Government Instability in Nigeria
Our Country is rich in oil and other natural resources, but we have selfish politicians who only think about themselves and their pockets. The money we earn from oil is only distributed among our selfish politicians, who only think about how to exploit their citizens than help them.
-Some Nigerians are in your Country to escape Nigeria’s corrupt politicians.

3. Broken School System in Nigeria
Can you imagine spending 6-7 years in school for a degree that should only take you 5 years? Students in our Country due to strikes might have to stay in school longer. Some strikes can last for months without students knowing when the strike will be over. Most strikes arise for a lot of reasons; it could be due to the fact that our government have not paid teachers in months. Thus, teachers use a strike as a way to demand their salaries paid.
-Some Nigerians are in your Country because your Country has a more stable school System.

NEPA is a company that is responsible for supplying lights (electricity) throughout Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians make fun of this company because they don’t give us any light and we have to pay them every month. NEPA is one of the things I hate most about my country. Most Nigerians use generators as a source of light because we never know when NEPA will give or take the light. Can you imagine going a whole day with no lights? NEPA can take lights for a whole week straight meaning you can stay a whole week straight with no light. It seems like someone in their NEPA station is playing with the light switch. They can give your lights for 1minutes, 2min, or 4min (their choice). To be honest, I lived in Nigeria for 12years and I can’t remember sleeping throughout the night with lights. We have some states like Abuja, Lagos.. etc who enjoy constant light but not in my state Akwa Ibom.
-Some Nigerians are in your Country because you have constant light.

5. Graduates have no jobs..
A lot of college graduates feel they went to school in vain because when they graduate they only add to the pool of unemployed graduates still searching for jobs to no avail. It is not easy going to school for 5years or more and graduating with no job to show for it. A lot frustrated youth take on a life of crime to support themselves or they look for a way to leave the country to a place that offers more opportunities.
-Some Nigerians are in your Country because they couldn’t find work in Nigeria.

6. Nigeria has a long way to go. Some Nigerians don’t see themselves progressing in their own country and that’s why they look for a way to leave.

This is why I get angry at Nigerians who are giving Nigerians a bad name by messing things up for Nigerians who genuinely want to better themselves for the sake of their future and the future of our country.