THANK YOU for Helping Nigeria DEFEAT Ebola..

The World Health Organization declared Africa’s largest country by population “Ebola-free” on Monday, a sign of how easily the virus could have been contained had other West African countries acted as swiftly as Nigeria did.-The Wall Street Journal

This is one of the most excited news I have heard in a long time from Nigeria. I am so proud of my country for taking active steps to defeat Ebola.  THANK YOU to all the W.H.O doctors who traveled from their home country to help us contain this deadly virus, State and federal Ministries of Health, volunteers, helpers and anybody who played a part in helping us defeat Ebola. THANK YOU so much!!!! God bless you each and every one of you and your families. We appreciate all your help!!!!

I encourage every Nigerian to use the social media to say thank you to people who worked hard to help us eradicate Ebola.

Africa 101-West African Culture

This guy is from Ghana.
I am from Nigeria again.
Ghana and Nigeria are countries in West Africa.
Most Africans from West Africa has some similarities in culture.
Don’t generalize this video to every single West African Parent.

Watch this video and see what you can pick up about West African Culture.
Enjoy the video, it also very funny.

If you didn’t pick it up from the video..

West Africa Culture value:
1. Respect
2. Education