Dear Mr. Someone,

Boy.. Nothing can stop my love for you.

I have conditioned my heart to only love you. I conditioned my thoughts to only think about you. I pray, I grow into the woman who will never disappoint you. I pray, I do you good all the days of my life. My heart beats for only God and you. You are the father of my future children. I can’t wait to meet you. I pray you love God more than me. I pray, we love God more than each other. I will close my eyes until God opens my eyes to you. I am ready for good and bad days with you. God first… Till we meet, I will wait for you!!!

Life Quote 2015: Feb 27

“Don’t be afraid to step in uncertainty, when you know that the God that you are stepping out with is certain.”-Ismael Lowery

The Hottest Song right now in Nigeria: Godwin By Korede Bello Music Review

This song is HOT!!!
I can’t stop listening to this song.

It gives Glory to God for every good thing that happens.

The only negative that I could say about this song is that it only recognizes the positive things that happen to us.

We are commanded to give thanks in everything..

Everything: good, bad, ugly, beautiful. God deserves the praise in everything because it could have been worse.

With all the craziness going on in Nigeria, it is refreshing to hear a #No nyash song giving Glory to God.
This is the type of song Nigerian artists need to be producing, songs that elevate people’s spirit by giving them a reason to smile in spite of the problems in their lives.
Godwin is the front runner in our 2015 Nigerian Music challenge.

In the Good, bad…#Godwins

When Jesus Say Yes?-Nigerian vs. American…

The Nigerian Version of when Jesus Say Yes..

I remember growing up to hear this song in Nigeria. This song is part of my childhood memories.

The American Cover of When Jesus Yes by Michelle Williams..

I am very proud of Michelle Williams for Americanizing this song.
I have to be honest; the American version of this song took me off guard.
She made an old Nigerian gospel song sound very modern with a little spice of her flavor.
I also want the original artists of this song to get the credit as well.
We are starting to bridge the cultural gap between Americans and Africans.
Very nice..

What is the most attractive thing in a Man?

43b30-peterEvery lady has her preference. Some ladies will say swag, looks, money, brains and etc. Personally, I say his “heart for the Lord.” A man’s heart for the Lord is the most attractive thing in my opinion. I can’t describe to you how attractive it is for a guy to love the Lord.

As a Christian lady the first thing I look for in a man who is physically attractive is his relationship with the Lord. It’s one thing to see a guy who goes to church is another thing to see a guy who completely loves the Lord. You can’t really see if he loves the Lord until you spend time with him. This guy prays before he pursues you. He seeks to make God happy with all his decisions. He is searching for a Proverbs 31 woman. Your physical appearance is not enough; your heart for Christ is what he wants. He seeks God’s will above all. He stands for Christ. His love for God controls his every move. As a Christian woman, I want a man whose heart is submissive to God that means I can submit to him knowing he will always lead me back to Christ.

*Help this heart love nothing else but you oh Lord.

God is a Brand not just any Brand:The best spoken word I have ever heard..

You have to hear this.. Click the video below and watch!!!

What did you think? Amazing right?

What defines a man? Does age, maturity or an intimate relationship with God define a man?

My words to menblog post inspired me to ask this question.

Anonymously, I asked the coach of Unplugged this question.
I know what you are thinking.. Ironically, a female asked this question lol!
I love his answer so much, I had to share it.

Here is his answer:

To answer your question directly all 3 defines a man… age lets us know outwardly he’s a man, maturity lets us know he understands and applies what it takes to be a man and his relationship with God validates he’s a man. The issue is many of us men are only found to be men by meeting the age requirement only.

The definition of a man ultimately comes from what God originally defines a man to be… The tragedy happened at the fall where we lost that definition. And from that moment we have been trying to discover “what defines a man” only to find ourselves confused. Some believe that strictly being a male outwardly validates manhood some even take it a step further and say that they are a man based upon their occurred level of maturity or their accomplishments.

These things may to a degree help us understand manhood but until we have a thriving relationship with God we will never know what it takes to be a man and surprisingly we will never and I mean never match the original definition of a man we can only trust in the perfect man to help us in our discoveries and that perfect man is Jesus.

Answer by: Joshua Eze