A tribute to Charleston Shooting Victims..

Written by: Justin Anderson

No words can articulate how deeply saddened, outraged, appalled, and disgusted I am with the shooting massacre that took place at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC which is my home state. My prayers, thoughts, and support go out to all the victims and their families and loved ones! You know, being a Black man in this country, I often wonder how much has changed for my people since President Lincoln signed this so called, “Emancipation Proclamation” in 1863 that supposedly was the beginning of the liberation of the Black slaves.

When I take a look at what is happening to my fellow African-Americans: We are still being lynched and murder through the means of police brutality and white racist gun owners who often times are found not guilty, that is even if they get charged first. We make up approximately 12 percent of the American population but make up over 50% of the prison population. We are the poorest people financially as a whole in this country owning approximately around 1% percent of the nation’s wealth as a group. Then, we still have to face racial discrimination, prejudice, and profiling in all areas of people activity. Now we are being killed in our own churches by racists? We need to wake up Black community!!! Racism white supremacy has declared war on us, particularly the black man! We are being SLAUGHTERED by the masses now! How many more INNOCENT black lives are we going to lose to racism white supremacy? I am convinced it is safe nowhere in this country for black males now! Police brutality has gotten so bad, as a Black man, I know if I am ever just in the presences of a White police officer, I am in the middle of a life or death situation hands down. The question is what do we do about this genocide towards our community?



It is going to take more than just PRAYER my fellow African-Americans! That is why the Black church has become so ineffective now; too many of us are SO HEAVENLY MINDED that we are NO EARTHLY GOOD! The book of James in the Bible states faith without works is dead! We as black people need to come together spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and most importantly financially and build our own BLACK economy! We need to have our own businesses, organizations, and institutions solely Black owned and operated! But in order to do that we will have to put aside all these petty differences we have with one another and work together as a team and see each other as allies: not enemies!

Then we will have the POWER and INFLUENCE to PUNISH those who even THINK about trying to harm us in any way! We can then ameliorate our lives of our people educationally, health wise, living condition wise, and politically! We need POWER in our community to protect ourselves and MAKE things happen in our favor! ?#?BLACKLIVESMATTER?!!

For my Nigerian Sisters,

SINGLE BUT NOT STUPID 379 written by George Essien

Most African women marry for financial security and miss out on that beautiful feeling and joy called love. They live boring lives with a man they sincerely don’t connect with,enduring the marriage through the years.

Very few marry for love.And those who marry for love work out their financial security together and get it eventually,haven’t you noticed?Then they have the two – love and finance. Romance and finance.

My thoughts:

Forget that money thing..
Love is priceless o!
Your love is too expensive for money.

Please my Nigerian sisters,
you deserve to be happy.
I want you to be happy.
I am tired of seeing women maltreated in their marriages
Love, friendship, and commitment makes a difference.
Remember, you have to love him too.
If you don’t love him..don’t marry him because you will take his love for granted.


God is a Brand not just any Brand:The best spoken word I have ever heard..

You have to hear this.. Click the video below and watch!!!

What did you think? Amazing right?

Love is..

True loves says when everybody quits on you, I will ALWAYS be HERE fighting for you and us. A lot of people marry people emotionally only to find out they married for the wrong reasons. LOVE is too POWERFUL to QUIT!!

What do you lose when someone curses you out?

Someone once told me “I was about to curse you out.”
Immediately, I thought “so?”
This person made it sound like a threat.
Seriously people, what do you lose when someone curses you out?
Throwing the “f-bomb” or whatever word bomb you choose doesn’t affect me.
No part of my body is affected.
I don’t need to rush to the hospital because you dropped your “f-bomb” or any other word bomb you choose for me.
I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose, if you curse me out.
I am not insulted by your ignorance.
I don’t understand why people make it a big deal when someone curses them out?
You have nothing to lose and they are cursing you out because they are hurt. They try to use their words to hurt you back to appease their pain. 

Agreed, words are powerful but..
No man’s word is more powerful than God’s words over my life because the word of God is quick and powerful and it’s sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrew 4:12).
Plus, you can’t curse whom God has already blessed (Numbers 23:8).
“No weapon formed against me shall prosper. And every tongue that rises up against me in judgment will and shall be condemned.” (Isaiah 54:17).

Killing Lust Series: love

purity ringWe focus on God’s love for us that we neglect to show God we love him. The same way we show the people we love our love, we need to show God we love him too. Real relationships are not one-sided.  The best way to show God we love him is by doing what he tells to do. Having this mindset of doing things out of our love for God will not only help us with our walk with God but it will help us in life.

Our love for God should motivate us to kill lust in your lives. Lust is a relationship killer. A relationship with God is vital to killing lust in our lives.  God shows his love to us every day. What are we doing to show God we love him? Love is an action word. We have to show God we love him by obeying his word. Sin hurts God. We can’t say we love God and hurt him with sin. Feeding lust will destroy our relationship with God. We can’t serve two masters.

We should be committed to killing lust in our lives not out of obligation but of out of love for God.

RICH men are Overrated ..

Don’t let me wrong, I want to be with someone who can provide for his family but it is not a huge requirement that he has to be rich. Riches can buy comfort but not happiness. I don’t want a guy that is RICH in material things and poor in Character.

Read this single woman’s prayer, I found it in movie (the crazy thing is I think some women pray like this):

I need a man,
I need a real man not a small boy.
God, I need a man in my life.
A man in whose arms, I can lead on.
it’s not like I am giving you condition but this man shouldn’t be poor.
He should have about 2-3 cars..
No.. 4 cars.
1 car for him and 3 cars for me.
God, You see..
He should be a tall guy nothing below 6ft with a chocolate complexion and dimple.
God please, no pot bellies.. I beg you! Six pack, Straight up!
God please.
He should be an American or British, you know what I mean?
God, that’s what’s up!
And he should be willing to give me access to his fast bank account.
God, I know you are a good God and you have heard my prayers.
That isn’t too hard for you.
Of course not because with you nothing shall be impossible..

Ridiculous Prayer but you’d be surprised how many women pray like this..

If you want a rich man, no problem!
Don’t settle for a rich man who treats you like crap!
Dating or marrying someone for their money is still low down too!

Miserable people like seeing other people miserable..

????????????????????????????????????????Yesterday, I chose to get angry over something someone did. I did not say he or she made me angry, I said I chose to get angry. I said it that way because I had a choice not to get angry but I chose to get angry.

We can’t control what people do to us but we can control how we respond to people. We want to respond emotionally when people do things we don’t like, but anybody who can make you angry has power over you.

Don’t give people the power to control your emotions. Our emotions should be stable regardless of what people do to us. Anyone who can control your emotions can control you.
I saw pleasure on this girl’s face yesterday and I told myself, I can’t let this happen again. Miserable people want to make other people miserable. It is important that we don’t allow people’s actions control our emotions.

If they can control your emotions, they can control you. If you don’t want people to control you don’t let their actions control your emotions.

Imagine, if Travon Martin was White?

racial_profilingIf Travon Martin was White, George Zimmerman could have been guilty on all counts.
Obviously, racial profiling is still a problem in this country.
Let’s be fair..
George Zimmerman got away with murder because Travon Martin was black.
Travon Martin’s case verdict  makes me concern for the future of this country.

One: Black Americans didn’t come here by themselves. White men went to Africa and brought them here. Blacks were slaves for hundreds of years. To be honest with you, blacks have paid their dues. Now, why can’t blacks, whites, and other races live in this country in peace?

Two: why do white people have so much animosity towards blacks?? Please tell me, what has a black person done to you lately?

I don’t have all the answers. You have to understand that someone’s little boy, son, friend, classmate and a citizen of this country got shot for what or could or would have happened. This country has done blacks WRONG for years. The strong measure their strength by fighting people of their size.

White and blacks fought together to defend this country. Why are blacks still hated? In short, why do you hate yourselves??

*I know this is a sensitive topic..racial profiling is an issue that can’t be sugarcoated. I will always stand up for Justice.*

Engr, Doctor, Barrister, Deputy General Koko and Dr. Prof, Mrs. Koko

Yea, I made the name up..

Nigerians are obsessed with titles.
Nigerians know people with titles have money, power and influence.

These titles mean nothing to God.

Mark 8:36-“what will it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong in having or acquiring big titles.

Personally, I am not intrigued by people who use their titles, positions or influences to exploit the poor.
Until you use your titles to help others, I will never be intrigued.

God bless everyone who use their title and influence to make a difference in people’s lives.