RICH men are Overrated ..

Don’t let me wrong, I want to be with someone who can provide for his family but it is not a huge requirement that he has to be rich. Riches can buy comfort but not happiness. I don’t want a guy that is RICH in material things and poor in Character.

Read this single woman’s prayer, I found it in movie (the crazy thing is I think some women pray like this):

I need a man,
I need a real man not a small boy.
God, I need a man in my life.
A man in whose arms, I can lead on.
it’s not like I am giving you condition but this man shouldn’t be poor.
He should have about 2-3 cars..
No.. 4 cars.
1 car for him and 3 cars for me.
God, You see..
He should be a tall guy nothing below 6ft with a chocolate complexion and dimple.
God please, no pot bellies.. I beg you! Six pack, Straight up!
God please.
He should be an American or British, you know what I mean?
God, that’s what’s up!
And he should be willing to give me access to his fast bank account.
God, I know you are a good God and you have heard my prayers.
That isn’t too hard for you.
Of course not because with you nothing shall be impossible..

Ridiculous Prayer but you’d be surprised how many women pray like this..

If you want a rich man, no problem!
Don’t settle for a rich man who treats you like crap!
Dating or marrying someone for their money is still low down too!