Meet my lil Prince..

ImageMeet my little Prince.
He is now 2 years old and his favorite word is “mummy.”
He loves Mickey Mouse and knows all his colors.
He is very tall for a two year old. I am praying…he will become an NBA star or a college professor like his grandfather.

Prince is my second nephew..
In between every monster hugs, I think to myself..”why?”
As he looks at me to fight the sleep in his little eyes, I continue asking myself “why?”
I watch him as he drives his little car into the kitchen with no care in the world.. I still find myself asking myself “why?”
I love how he tries to pop my screensaver’s bubbles..
He loves taking a bath with his “Mickey” and “Daisy” characters and I continue asking myself “why?”

Why do you have to grow up in society where you will be labelled as a “criminal” because you are black boy?
As your Aunt, I can’t protect you.
I can’t tell the world, he is my little prince, he wouldn’t hurt you.
How can I tell the world, who you really are before they judge you?
How can I protect you from unnecessary embarrassments and stereotypes?
Where did you go wrong for coming into this world as a black boy?

As a black man, you will face a lot of challenges. I pray you will overcome every obstacles and become successful like President Obama.
Racial profiling is not an excuse to live a sorry life.
I know you will make it successfully because you have God on your side and an Aunt who will be covering you with prayers.

I pray I live to see your success.
Above all I pray, you live to see your success.

Imagine, if Travon Martin was White?

racial_profilingIf Travon Martin was White, George Zimmerman could have been guilty on all counts.
Obviously, racial profiling is still a problem in this country.
Let’s be fair..
George Zimmerman got away with murder because Travon Martin was black.
Travon Martin’s case verdict  makes me concern for the future of this country.

One: Black Americans didn’t come here by themselves. White men went to Africa and brought them here. Blacks were slaves for hundreds of years. To be honest with you, blacks have paid their dues. Now, why can’t blacks, whites, and other races live in this country in peace?

Two: why do white people have so much animosity towards blacks?? Please tell me, what has a black person done to you lately?

I don’t have all the answers. You have to understand that someone’s little boy, son, friend, classmate and a citizen of this country got shot for what or could or would have happened. This country has done blacks WRONG for years. The strong measure their strength by fighting people of their size.

White and blacks fought together to defend this country. Why are blacks still hated? In short, why do you hate yourselves??

*I know this is a sensitive topic..racial profiling is an issue that can’t be sugarcoated. I will always stand up for Justice.*