Only for Women with Good black men..

Ladies, when was the last time you appreciated your black man?
In a society where black men are perceived in a negative light, it is your responsibility to appreciate your good black man.
Our good black men need more accolades.
Our men are not all bad.
It is rough for our men out there; they have to deal with all types of prejudices, social injustices, racism and much more..
Honor your good black man!!
You don’t have to wait till his birthday to appreciate him.
Your man has a choice to stop providing for his family, but he wakes up every day to make sure his family is ok.
He needs to be appreciated.
Tell him what his presence means to you and your family.
Have the kids do something special to honor him.

Being a black man in America is not easy.
A black man has to work extra hard in environment that was designed to work against him.
The outside world has wolves ready to tear him down.
You have a good black man who takes care of you, his kids and household?
Please, give him the honor and respect, he deserves.

To good black men out there, who treat their women well, raise their kids and do the right thing: I SALUTE you!!

Appreciate your man

Meet my lil Prince..

ImageMeet my little Prince.
He is now 2 years old and his favorite word is “mummy.”
He loves Mickey Mouse and knows all his colors.
He is very tall for a two year old. I am praying…he will become an NBA star or a college professor like his grandfather.

Prince is my second nephew..
In between every monster hugs, I think to myself..”why?”
As he looks at me to fight the sleep in his little eyes, I continue asking myself “why?”
I watch him as he drives his little car into the kitchen with no care in the world.. I still find myself asking myself “why?”
I love how he tries to pop my screensaver’s bubbles..
He loves taking a bath with his “Mickey” and “Daisy” characters and I continue asking myself “why?”

Why do you have to grow up in society where you will be labelled as a “criminal” because you are black boy?
As your Aunt, I can’t protect you.
I can’t tell the world, he is my little prince, he wouldn’t hurt you.
How can I tell the world, who you really are before they judge you?
How can I protect you from unnecessary embarrassments and stereotypes?
Where did you go wrong for coming into this world as a black boy?

As a black man, you will face a lot of challenges. I pray you will overcome every obstacles and become successful like President Obama.
Racial profiling is not an excuse to live a sorry life.
I know you will make it successfully because you have God on your side and an Aunt who will be covering you with prayers.

I pray I live to see your success.
Above all I pray, you live to see your success.