Miserable people like seeing other people miserable..

????????????????????????????????????????Yesterday, I chose to get angry over something someone did. I did not say he or she made me angry, I said I chose to get angry. I said it that way because I had a choice not to get angry but I chose to get angry.

We can’t control what people do to us but we can control how we respond to people. We want to respond emotionally when people do things we don’t like, but anybody who can make you angry has power over you.

Don’t give people the power to control your emotions. Our emotions should be stable regardless of what people do to us. Anyone who can control your emotions can control you.
I saw pleasure on this girl’s face yesterday and I told myself, I can’t let this happen again. Miserable people want to make other people miserable. It is important that we don’t allow people’s actions control our emotions.

If they can control your emotions, they can control you. If you don’t want people to control you don’t let their actions control your emotions.