Killing Lust Series: love

purity ringWe focus on God’s love for us that we neglect to show God we love him. The same way we show the people we love our love, we need to show God we love him too. Real relationships are not one-sided.  The best way to show God we love him is by doing what he tells to do. Having this mindset of doing things out of our love for God will not only help us with our walk with God but it will help us in life.

Our love for God should motivate us to kill lust in your lives. Lust is a relationship killer. A relationship with God is vital to killing lust in our lives.  God shows his love to us every day. What are we doing to show God we love him? Love is an action word. We have to show God we love him by obeying his word. Sin hurts God. We can’t say we love God and hurt him with sin. Feeding lust will destroy our relationship with God. We can’t serve two masters.

We should be committed to killing lust in our lives not out of obligation but of out of love for God.

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