What do you lose when someone curses you out?

Someone once told me “I was about to curse you out.”
Immediately, I thought “so?”
This person made it sound like a threat.
Seriously people, what do you lose when someone curses you out?
Throwing the “f-bomb” or whatever word bomb you choose doesn’t affect me.
No part of my body is affected.
I don’t need to rush to the hospital because you dropped your “f-bomb” or any other word bomb you choose for me.
I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose, if you curse me out.
I am not insulted by your ignorance.
I don’t understand why people make it a big deal when someone curses them out?
You have nothing to lose and they are cursing you out because they are hurt. They try to use their words to hurt you back to appease their pain. 

Agreed, words are powerful but..
No man’s word is more powerful than God’s words over my life because the word of God is quick and powerful and it’s sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrew 4:12).
Plus, you can’t curse whom God has already blessed (Numbers 23:8).
“No weapon formed against me shall prosper. And every tongue that rises up against me in judgment will and shall be condemned.” (Isaiah 54:17).