Love is..

True loves says when everybody quits on you, I will ALWAYS be HERE fighting for you and us. A lot of people marry people emotionally only to find out they married for the wrong reasons. LOVE is too POWERFUL to QUIT!!

Moving On Prayer

Dear Lord,

How can more than 2 year of investment vanish in span of just two days. I’d be lying if I say, I didn’t like him. What do u call love in the presence of fear? Or can love strive in the absence of trust? We fought, giggled, laughed with each other and even stayed up to insane early hrs of the morning conversing. Now, we have nothing to show for it. Why did it have to end this way? The mountain was too big for us to climb.

Help me to trust you knowing that this road bump was the best thing that could have ever happened to us. You’re the source of everything good. Help me to trust you that the best is yet to come for me. Being complete is you is the goal from here out. You’re the source of my strength, joy, peace and happiness. moving-on  James 1:17 says “every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord.” May I center my life on the  best gift you gave to me by sacrificing your son. Your son died, so I could be free from the law of  sin and death. Life is nothing without you. You’re the essence of life.

I serve you with all my heart. I give it all to you by serving nothing else. May I not idolize anything but only you. He wasn’t your best for me because if he was it would have worked out. This companionship wasn’t bless by you. in the beginning. The bible said the foolish man built his house on the sand and he suffered the consequences. Anything that starts with the wrong foundation will crash in the midst of storms, and dangerous winds. Your word is the strongest foundation to build anything to last. With you as the foundation, a relationship is sure to stand in the midst of perilous threats. You’re the pillar that holds this life of mine. Without you, I am nothing.

As I close this chapter, I forgive every hurt and pain that I procured over the yrs. Every seed of hurt, distrust, manipulation and satanic fuse of forgiveness is hereby, uprooted. My heart is free of hate, disgust, self-pity and depression. My heart soars over the problems of the past and makes the best out of every good and bad memory. My heart will not deter from your word. I will use my grief as a stepping ground to something better for this next chapter.

The next chapter will be full of bliss and happy ending. I will accept my past with open arms and use it as a bridge to better things. I will not retaliate in anger or hurt to the person. My heart within is full of joy, peace and everything necessary to help me move on.

Life is full of challenges. It is time to challenge my challenges, and make them to work for my benefit. I trust my instincts and I will never turn away from trusting them to any untruthful person.  , I chase the one who really proved he cared about me with no question YOU! I am complete in You.


Not Good Enough..

He said..
You’re not pretty enough,
You’re not smart enough,
You’re not tall enough,
You’re not pink enough,
You’re not this or that enough..

Your reply should be “then you are not good enough for me”

She said..
You’re not handsome enough,
You’re not smart enough,
You’re not tall enough,
You’re not muscular enough,
You’re not blue enough,
You’re not this or that enough,

Your reply should be “then you are not good enough for me”

We complicated things..
if someone says.. “you are not this or that enough”..
It means, they are not for you.

True love is unconditional.
The best expression of love was on the cross.
We were no way close good enough for Christ to sacrifice his son yet, he did.

If I have to change myself to earn your love.
It is not that complicated,
it means you are not for me. 
People choose to settle with people who tell them they are not good enough cos they think they are not good enough for anybody else.
Until you believe that you are good enough for yourself, you will continue ending up in this kind of relationship.

Loving yourself is so important.
Never enter a relationship when you have low self-esteem.
Love is God.
If he or she doesn’t know God, they don’t know love.
If you don’t know God and how to love yourself, you don’t know love.

Lust is earned with a pretty face, big behind, large bank account or any other superficial thing that fades.
Love is a gift.
Love is priceless.

First, know God loves you..
Second, love yourself.

The man or woman for you will never say “you’re not good enough,” he or she will say “you’re perfect just the way you are..flaws and all”

He Got Me..

If you glance over my blog posts, you will notice I don’t share personal information or experiences.
I like to think, I am a private person but every now and then (like now..) I open up a bit.
Nothing cheesy.. Here we go.

I took a trip to another state with another person to relax.
We went to this Nigerian restaurant to eat.
While we were there waiting on our food.
This young man came in to order his food.
When I first saw him, he looked like he just got off from a hard day at work.
In other words, the way he was dressed was unattractive.

Before I knew it, he was glancing a lot over my direction..
In my head, I was like “Oga, leave that thing, you no be my type abeg.”
He started talking to the owner of the shop and I heard the intelligence that was coming out of his month.. Yea, my head turned.
Hands down, intelligence is so attractive.
His looks didn’t catch my attention but his brains did.

Morale of the story: Go to School, intelligence is attractive!!

Excuse my honesty,
I am personally not attracted to thugs.
I don’t understand why a woman would shun an educated, God-fearing man and pick a thug, who walks around sagging his pants..
I digress.

An educated, God-fearing man will always get my attention any time, any day!

Do you Really Love Him?

God loves us so much..
He proved his love on the Cross.
We say we love God all the time..
Do you really?

What have you done to show God you love him.
I am not talking about trying to please God with works
cos you can’t..
All I am saying is love is an action word.
Have you shown God you love him lately?
Does your actions show your love for God or love for yourself?

If you’re in a relationship and your partner tells you he/she loves you without ever proving it. Would you believe them?
Probably not..
It’s the same thing with our relationship with God.
We have to let our actions match our words.
Of course, God sees your heart but actions still speak louder.

Cultivating this mindset will help us make our relationship with God a top priority.