Why are more Black men dating and marrying people outside of their race?

I think there’s a lag in communication between black men and black women.

Personally, I have nothing against black men dating people outside of their race; however, black women are losing their men to women of other races.

Hopefully, I can get some of you black men talking to help some black women understand why are you more prone to going outside of your race?
I have heard many answers from a few black men here and there but I want to hear from more black men.

Please, black men answer the questions below..

Here are some of the questions:
Are you attracted to black women?
If yes, are you dating someone outside of your race?
If yes, why are you dating someone outside of your race
Are you now dating people outside of your race from negative past experiences with black women?
Do you think women of other races are more tamed than black women?
If you could say something to some black women. What would you say?

Please give your answers by commenting below or you can send your answers to me [email protected].
I’d really love to hear what you guys think..

Your answers will help a lot of black women. Please, answer!!!

Moving On Prayer

Dear Lord,

How can more than 2 year of investment vanish in span of just two days. I’d be lying if I say, I didn’t like him. What do u call love in the presence of fear? Or can love strive in the absence of trust? We fought, giggled, laughed with each other and even stayed up to insane early hrs of the morning conversing. Now, we have nothing to show for it. Why did it have to end this way? The mountain was too big for us to climb.

Help me to trust you knowing that this road bump was the best thing that could have ever happened to us. You’re the source of everything good. Help me to trust you that the best is yet to come for me. Being complete is you is the goal from here out. You’re the source of my strength, joy, peace and happiness. moving-on  James 1:17 says “every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord.” May I center my life on the  best gift you gave to me by sacrificing your son. Your son died, so I could be free from the law of  sin and death. Life is nothing without you. You’re the essence of life.

I serve you with all my heart. I give it all to you by serving nothing else. May I not idolize anything but only you. He wasn’t your best for me because if he was it would have worked out. This companionship wasn’t bless by you. in the beginning. The bible said the foolish man built his house on the sand and he suffered the consequences. Anything that starts with the wrong foundation will crash in the midst of storms, and dangerous winds. Your word is the strongest foundation to build anything to last. With you as the foundation, a relationship is sure to stand in the midst of perilous threats. You’re the pillar that holds this life of mine. Without you, I am nothing.

As I close this chapter, I forgive every hurt and pain that I procured over the yrs. Every seed of hurt, distrust, manipulation and satanic fuse of forgiveness is hereby, uprooted. My heart is free of hate, disgust, self-pity and depression. My heart soars over the problems of the past and makes the best out of every good and bad memory. My heart will not deter from your word. I will use my grief as a stepping ground to something better for this next chapter.

The next chapter will be full of bliss and happy ending. I will accept my past with open arms and use it as a bridge to better things. I will not retaliate in anger or hurt to the person. My heart within is full of joy, peace and everything necessary to help me move on.

Life is full of challenges. It is time to challenge my challenges, and make them to work for my benefit. I trust my instincts and I will never turn away from trusting them to any untruthful person.  , I chase the one who really proved he cared about me with no question YOU! I am complete in You.


Interracial Dating Dilemma

Living in the South,
I see a lot of black men dating white women,
No problem;
however, I don’t see a lot of black women dating white men.
It is more popular in the north than the south, i hear.

Question: why don’t we have as many interracial relationships between black women and white men?

My attempt to answer this question:

1. Black women and white men aren’t open to date outside their race.
2. Black women and white men aren’t attracted to each other.
3. Social acceptance of interracial couples is still an issue.
4. Black women are are attracted to white men who act like black men
5. White men are attracted to black women who act like white women.
6. Black men are too fine for black women to look the other way.
7. White women are too fine for white men to look the other way.

Black women: what do you think?
White men: what do you think?

Research idea for any sociologist or anthropologist out there..

What does Jesus mean to you?

Thank you sharonvogancollins for this question.

Jesus means Life to me.
I grew up in a Christian home.
I knew all the bible stories.
Yet, I didn’t have a relationship with Him.
I did what I wanted to do.
I noticed something that brought me closer to the cross..
What was it?
I got in more trouble than my friends.
I would get in trouble with my friends..
However, I got more punished than them.
It didn’t make sense until my sophomore yr of High School in the States..
I decided to stop living a double life to pursue a deep relationship with Christ.
I am not where I want in my relationship with God but thanks be to Him that I am not where I was.

This is a good question.
To my followers “what does Jesus mean to you?”