Why are more Black men dating and marrying people outside of their race?

I think there’s a lag in communication between black men and black women.

Personally, I have nothing against black men dating people outside of their race; however, black women are losing their men to women of other races.

Hopefully, I can get some of you black men talking to help some black women understand why are you more prone to going outside of your race?
I have heard many answers from a few black men here and there but I want to hear from more black men.

Please, black men answer the questions below..

Here are some of the questions:
Are you attracted to black women?
If yes, are you dating someone outside of your race?
If yes, why are you dating someone outside of your race
Are you now dating people outside of your race from negative past experiences with black women?
Do you think women of other races are more tamed than black women?
If you could say something to some black women. What would you say?

Please give your answers by commenting below or you can send your answers to me [email protected].
I’d really love to hear what you guys think..

Your answers will help a lot of black women. Please, answer!!!

5 thoughts on “Why are more Black men dating and marrying people outside of their race?

  1. A black woman’s perspective:
    I think the shift in societal views has allowed black men an opportunity they never had before. It used to be dangerous for a black man to even think about white women, now they can date any race and few people would react to it. They’re just taking advantage of this newfound freedom and I find it beautiful. I think the real problem for black women is that society still limits us to black and white men and (considering a moderate percentage of black women aren’t attracted to/don’t associate with white men) the imbalance created by interracial dating seems a threat.
    However, there are more flavors out there than chocolate and vanilla and you need to taste the rainbow. Before I left NYC, I noticed an increase in black women dating men of other races including Asian men. There’s a growing ambw/bmaw community and more people are joining what I call The Swirl Nation. Don’t limit yourself in the pursuit of love; who’s to say your soul mate isn’t Asian, Hispanic, Indian, or Middle Eastern?

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