Your Natural beauty is Beautiful..

Natural HairGoing from Relaxed to Natural hair means a huge change in appearance. Some people couldn’t even recognize me. Some oyiyo people stared at me like they just saw a ghost or something. Life as a natural is not easy for a lady with coarse, kinky and straight-up from the motherland kind of hair. The most amazing thing about this journey is you really find out who really likes you for you. My relaxed/transitioning hair styles were a pseudo version of me.

This is “me” now.. If you can’t accept me with my natural hair, then you are not supposed to be in my life.
My physical beauty with my natural hair is who I am. God blessed me with curly, coarse and thick hair.


My Transitioning Hair

Ladies, we are beautiful the way God made us. You are beautiful with your kinky, curly, coarse hair.
We were raised to hate the natural way God made us, but God doesn’t make mistakes.
I miss my transitioning hair, but I love my natural beauty.

This natural hair journey will pressure you to work on your self-esteem. Starting this journey I noticed I didn’t get that much stares from guys. I found myself questioning if I made the right decision. This was an opportunity to tell myself that I am beautiful without getting validation from guys. It was my best way to build on my self-esteem because it allowed me to have more confidence in my inner beauty than my physical beauty.

Work on yourself, love yourself and move forward. We are beautiful!!!

Why we Feel Embarrassed?

We feel embarrassed because we are scared of what people think about us.
So you climbed the stairs and fell. What is the big deal if people see you falling?
Yes people will definitely laugh.
Would I laugh?
If you didn’t get hurt, I would laugh too.
Get up, laugh it off and keep on going.
There’s no need to be embarrassed.
You didn’t fall on purpose.

There are some people who try to embarrass themselves on purpose for attention.
It didn’t happen on purpose. Again, laugh it off and keep on going.
The truth is nobody wants to look stupid in front of people.
At some point in your life, you will look stupid.
You might say things the wrong way.
People get embarrassed over a lot of things.
Note: Everybody is prone to mistakes. We are not all perfect.

The bible says “the fear of man is a trap” (Proverbs 29:25).
If people weren’t there to see you falling, you wouldn’t feel embarrassed thus, it shouldn’t matter.
God’s opinion matters because he is God.
Your spouse’s opinion is important.
Your boss opinion is important because she or he pays you.
We can’t please people.
Stop being afraid of people!!

Laugh it off and Move on with your Life!

Make Up..

I remember telling myself once I fix this and that about myself, I will feel more beautiful.
The Holy Spirit was like “no, you wouldn’t. If you don’t feel beautiful now, you wouldn’t feel more beautiful once those things are fixed.”
ImageI can’t argue with the holy spirit..
There’s no external fix for low self-esteem.

A lot of women think they can cure low self-esteem by wearing a lot of make-up, getting breast implants, botox, wearing fake butts or getting injections to make their butts bigger.
Women who get breast implants because of breast cancer are an exception.

Low self-esteem is an internal problem that requires an internal intervention.
Low self-esteem can only be cured inside out not outside in.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing make-up; however, if you need to wear makeup to feel more beautiful, check yourself.

Not Good Enough..

He said..
You’re not pretty enough,
You’re not smart enough,
You’re not tall enough,
You’re not pink enough,
You’re not this or that enough..

Your reply should be “then you are not good enough for me”

She said..
You’re not handsome enough,
You’re not smart enough,
You’re not tall enough,
You’re not muscular enough,
You’re not blue enough,
You’re not this or that enough,

Your reply should be “then you are not good enough for me”

We complicated things..
if someone says.. “you are not this or that enough”..
It means, they are not for you.

True love is unconditional.
The best expression of love was on the cross.
We were no way close good enough for Christ to sacrifice his son yet, he did.

If I have to change myself to earn your love.
It is not that complicated,
it means you are not for me. 
People choose to settle with people who tell them they are not good enough cos they think they are not good enough for anybody else.
Until you believe that you are good enough for yourself, you will continue ending up in this kind of relationship.

Loving yourself is so important.
Never enter a relationship when you have low self-esteem.
Love is God.
If he or she doesn’t know God, they don’t know love.
If you don’t know God and how to love yourself, you don’t know love.

Lust is earned with a pretty face, big behind, large bank account or any other superficial thing that fades.
Love is a gift.
Love is priceless.

First, know God loves you..
Second, love yourself.

The man or woman for you will never say “you’re not good enough,” he or she will say “you’re perfect just the way you are..flaws and all”