A Letter to my followers..

Dear Followers,

Thank you so much for your likes, comments, messages and shares.
2014 was a great year for 9jagirl4real.
Thank you for being part of this journey with me.
I appreciate each and every one of you.
I wish you all a very happy and blissful New Year.

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Your Natural beauty is Beautiful..

Natural HairGoing from Relaxed to Natural hair means a huge change in appearance. Some people couldn’t even recognize me. Some oyiyo people stared at me like they just saw a ghost or something. Life as a natural is not easy for a lady with coarse, kinky and straight-up from the motherland kind of hair. The most amazing thing about this journey is you really find out who really likes you for you. My relaxed/transitioning hair styles were a pseudo version of me.

This is “me” now.. If you can’t accept me with my natural hair, then you are not supposed to be in my life.
My physical beauty with my natural hair is who I am. God blessed me with curly, coarse and thick hair.


My Transitioning Hair

Ladies, we are beautiful the way God made us. You are beautiful with your kinky, curly, coarse hair.
We were raised to hate the natural way God made us, but God doesn’t make mistakes.
I miss my transitioning hair, but I love my natural beauty.

This natural hair journey will pressure you to work on your self-esteem. Starting this journey I noticed I didn’t get that much stares from guys. I found myself questioning if I made the right decision. This was an opportunity to tell myself that I am beautiful without getting validation from guys. It was my best way to build on my self-esteem because it allowed me to have more confidence in my inner beauty than my physical beauty.

Work on yourself, love yourself and move forward. We are beautiful!!!


Written by Emmanuel Ned

Strolling in the cozy and convivial arm of the evening is a culture so endearing and indispensable to me.
Often dressed in a quarter jean and T-shirt with my gadget(phone) and a headset passionately fixed into my ears plodding my soul with audio messages or music preferably.

I could still remember one of those thrilling moments with my headset stucked to my ears enjoying some pieces of music,when my ears decided to play some gimmicks with me.

It seemed i heard a car honk behind the pedestrian lane which i was plodding along.
In an attempt to give way to the pseudo vehicle behind me.

I stopped and looked back only to discover it was all disillusional pioneered by my mind and ears.Upon turning to go forward i dashed my leg against a stone and got bruised.

Few day later I had the same experience but i was smart enough never to stop, i only turned my head but still moving forward.

Guess what! I had no bruise.

Such is life, Only the smart takes the future.
The smart ones learn from the past but look to the future

Often times in life,we don’t need to stop the progress of today by going back to our past.

”learn from the past,look to the future,but live in the present”

The past is gone and the future is here.The memories of the past is often inundated with regrets,pains, failures,fustrations,trepidation and consternation.

The future is ever deluged with hope(s),opportunities,victories and possibilities.
Let go of the past if you dont want to dash the possibilities of the future.

”not holding on to the past rejuvenates enthusiasm to annex the future”

Often times life would always want to beguile us to dwelling in our pasts,which is filled with regrets and failures with the sole aim of maring the future.

The good news is certain,as the days unfold so the past is put into extinction unravelling the future.

You cannot re-write history but can only learn from it.

”We are made wise not by the re-collection of our past but by the responsibility of our future”- George Berrnard Shaw