I refuse to be fake!!

How can you pray for a “real” man?
First of all..
Are your eye lashes real?
Are your boobs real?
Is your butt real?
Is that your real eye color?
How many layers of makeup are you wearing?
Is your hair real?
Well, Society.. I refuse to be fake.
I am beautiful the way God made me.
If that’s not good enough for you.. That’s Too Bad!!!
Let’s face the fact..

Make Up..

I remember telling myself once I fix this and that about myself, I will feel more beautiful.
The Holy Spirit was like “no, you wouldn’t. If you don’t feel beautiful now, you wouldn’t feel more beautiful once those things are fixed.”
ImageI can’t argue with the holy spirit..
There’s no external fix for low self-esteem.

A lot of women think they can cure low self-esteem by wearing a lot of make-up, getting breast implants, botox, wearing fake butts or getting injections to make their butts bigger.
Women who get breast implants because of breast cancer are an exception.

Low self-esteem is an internal problem that requires an internal intervention.
Low self-esteem can only be cured inside out not outside in.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing make-up; however, if you need to wear makeup to feel more beautiful, check yourself.