Why are Nigerians Everywhere?

The truth is each Nigerian has their own reason why they are where they are.
Here are my top reasons why Nigerians are Everywhere:

1. Nigerians value Education
Did you know the United States doesn’t recognize college degrees from Nigerian schools? I can’t speak for other countries. They are some college degrees that are accepted but it rarely gets accepted. For a Nigerian who wants to further their education in another country; going to school in Nigeria might be a waste of time because that school might not recognize their degree. Most people who school in Nigeria might have to start college all over again to get a degree because their Nigerian degree is not accepted.
-Some Nigerians are in your Country for Education.

2. Government Instability in Nigeria
Our Country is rich in oil and other natural resources, but we have selfish politicians who only think about themselves and their pockets. The money we earn from oil is only distributed among our selfish politicians, who only think about how to exploit their citizens than help them.
-Some Nigerians are in your Country to escape Nigeria’s corrupt politicians.

3. Broken School System in Nigeria
Can you imagine spending 6-7 years in school for a degree that should only take you 5 years? Students in our Country due to strikes might have to stay in school longer. Some strikes can last for months without students knowing when the strike will be over. Most strikes arise for a lot of reasons; it could be due to the fact that our government have not paid teachers in months. Thus, teachers use a strike as a way to demand their salaries paid.
-Some Nigerians are in your Country because your Country has a more stable school System.

NEPA is a company that is responsible for supplying lights (electricity) throughout Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians make fun of this company because they don’t give us any light and we have to pay them every month. NEPA is one of the things I hate most about my country. Most Nigerians use generators as a source of light because we never know when NEPA will give or take the light. Can you imagine going a whole day with no lights? NEPA can take lights for a whole week straight meaning you can stay a whole week straight with no light. It seems like someone in their NEPA station is playing with the light switch. They can give your lights for 1minutes, 2min, or 4min (their choice). To be honest, I lived in Nigeria for 12years and I can’t remember sleeping throughout the night with lights. We have some states like Abuja, Lagos.. etc who enjoy constant light but not in my state Akwa Ibom.
-Some Nigerians are in your Country because you have constant light.

5. Graduates have no jobs..
A lot of college graduates feel they went to school in vain because when they graduate they only add to the pool of unemployed graduates still searching for jobs to no avail. It is not easy going to school for 5years or more and graduating with no job to show for it. A lot frustrated youth take on a life of crime to support themselves or they look for a way to leave the country to a place that offers more opportunities.
-Some Nigerians are in your Country because they couldn’t find work in Nigeria.

6. Nigeria has a long way to go. Some Nigerians don’t see themselves progressing in their own country and that’s why they look for a way to leave.

This is why I get angry at Nigerians who are giving Nigerians a bad name by messing things up for Nigerians who genuinely want to better themselves for the sake of their future and the future of our country.

Why we Feel Embarrassed?

We feel embarrassed because we are scared of what people think about us.
So you climbed the stairs and fell. What is the big deal if people see you falling?
Yes people will definitely laugh.
Would I laugh?
If you didn’t get hurt, I would laugh too.
Get up, laugh it off and keep on going.
There’s no need to be embarrassed.
You didn’t fall on purpose.

There are some people who try to embarrass themselves on purpose for attention.
It didn’t happen on purpose. Again, laugh it off and keep on going.
The truth is nobody wants to look stupid in front of people.
At some point in your life, you will look stupid.
You might say things the wrong way.
People get embarrassed over a lot of things.
Note: Everybody is prone to mistakes. We are not all perfect.

The bible says “the fear of man is a trap” (Proverbs 29:25).
If people weren’t there to see you falling, you wouldn’t feel embarrassed thus, it shouldn’t matter.
God’s opinion matters because he is God.
Your spouse’s opinion is important.
Your boss opinion is important because she or he pays you.
We can’t please people.
Stop being afraid of people!!

Laugh it off and Move on with your Life!

Good Steward over yourself..

Two weeks ago, I got really sick to the point that I had to get out of work for 2 days. I barely get sick, it doesn’t happen; however, I was really sick. After only two days of resting, I had to go back to work. When I got back, I still felt miserable and it affected my work performance .The last few days at work after I got back, my manager was on my case about everything. In the last six months, he really didn’t complain but after I got back he complained about everything.

As he reprimanded for the terrible job I was doing, the holy spirit also reprimanded me. The holy said something interesting, he said “if you are not a good steward over this job, how do you expect me to give you another?” What the holy spirit said cut deeper than my manager’s words.

God can’t be mocked because he is no respecter of person. How do I expect God to give me another job when I am not faithful to the one he gave me now? This blog post is for you and me. We have to be faithful with the little God gives us to do. Yes, I shouldn’t be working where I am working now, but I still have to be faithful with the job I have now. I don’t know where you are.  Don’t ask God for promotion until you are faithful where you are. God will never go against his word for anyone. He can’t bless us with anything better until we do our best where we are. 

Meet my 4 Friends..

1. God-fearing
2. Intelligent
3. Funny
4. Adventurous

If you have any of these qualities most likely you are my friend. Yes, You!!! Yea, maybe not yet. The truth is most of my friends have one or more of these qualities. Rarely, will I have a friend who doesn’t have these qualities.

#1 Friend is God-fearing because God is very important to me. Together with this friend we can pursue God. Christians friends are a must for every believer. I can discuss with this friend about my relationship with God and my struggles. This friend will encourage me and I will also encourage him or her.

#2 Friend is very intelligent. I love intelligent people because they’re intelligent. In Nigeria, I was very young when I started JS1(Junior School similar to middle school) and the first term I didn’t do so well because I didn’t study like I should. By JS2, we were divided into class A, B and C meaning the A students were in JS1 A, and so on.

I don’t know if things changed prior or after I met one of my best friends in Immaculate Conception.  I really wanted to be friends with her because she had a lot of food in her locker. Immaculate Conception is a girl’s boarding school for junior high and senior high. In our boarding school, we have lockers where we can store our personal food items. Her parents were obviously very rich and I was determined to be her friend. Yes, we became friends. I was very hungry student, so I chose my friends wisely.

My best friend came with double blessings. When we became close, we did everything together. The part, I think made a difference is we studied together. She was in the A class. Now, you know I wasn’t in the A class. I don’t know if studying with her made a difference or not; however, my grades were different. In from JS2-JS3, I made 1st, 2nd or 3rd. I can’t remember a time between JS2-JS3 that I wasn’t at the top of my class. When I was in junior high, students were ranked based on their grades. At JS3 was when I left for the states. The better your grades, the higher your ranking in the class.

Again, I can’t remember precisely if I made the grades before meeting my best friend. I think she made a difference in my studying habits After, I met my best friend, I started hanging out with people in the A class and it made a huge difference.

Yes, this friend is important because he or she challenges me academically.

#3 Friend is funny. I love people with a great sense of humor because I love to laugh.

#4 Friend is adventurous. This friend loves to travel. They work hard and play hard.

Who is your friend? Are they influencing you positively or negatively?