Good Steward over yourself..

Two weeks ago, I got really sick to the point that I had to get out of work for 2 days. I barely get sick, it doesn’t happen; however, I was really sick. After only two days of resting, I had to go back to work. When I got back, I still felt miserable and it affected my work performance .The last few days at work after I got back, my manager was on my case about everything. In the last six months, he really didn’t complain but after I got back he complained about everything.

As he reprimanded for the terrible job I was doing, the holy spirit also reprimanded me. The holy said something interesting, he said “if you are not a good steward over this job, how do you expect me to give you another?” What the holy spirit said cut deeper than my manager’s words.

God can’t be mocked because he is no respecter of person. How do I expect God to give me another job when I am not faithful to the one he gave me now? This blog post is for you and me. We have to be faithful with the little God gives us to do. Yes, I shouldn’t be working where I am working now, but I still have to be faithful with the job I have now. I don’t know where you are.  Don’t ask God for promotion until you are faithful where you are. God will never go against his word for anyone. He can’t bless us with anything better until we do our best where we are. 

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  1. Wow… I needed to read this right now. Being faithful where I am is a concept that God seems to be drilling into my head also. But how hard it is!

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