Good Steward over yourself..

Two weeks ago, I got really sick to the point that I had to get out of work for 2 days. I barely get sick, it doesn’t happen; however, I was really sick. After only two days of resting, I had to go back to work. When I got back, I still felt miserable and it affected my work performance .The last few days at work after I got back, my manager was on my case about everything. In the last six months, he really didn’t complain but after I got back he complained about everything.

As he reprimanded for the terrible job I was doing, the holy spirit also reprimanded me. The holy said something interesting, he said “if you are not a good steward over this job, how do you expect me to give you another?” What the holy spirit said cut deeper than my manager’s words.

God can’t be mocked because he is no respecter of person. How do I expect God to give me another job when I am not faithful to the one he gave me now? This blog post is for you and me. We have to be faithful with the little God gives us to do. Yes, I shouldn’t be working where I am working now, but I still have to be faithful with the job I have now. I don’t know where you are.  Don’t ask God for promotion until you are faithful where you are. God will never go against his word for anyone. He can’t bless us with anything better until we do our best where we are. 

What defines a man? Does age, maturity or an intimate relationship with God define a man?

My words to menblog post inspired me to ask this question.

Anonymously, I asked the coach of Unplugged this question.
I know what you are thinking.. Ironically, a female asked this question lol!
I love his answer so much, I had to share it.

Here is his answer:

To answer your question directly all 3 defines a man… age lets us know outwardly he’s a man, maturity lets us know he understands and applies what it takes to be a man and his relationship with God validates he’s a man. The issue is many of us men are only found to be men by meeting the age requirement only.

The definition of a man ultimately comes from what God originally defines a man to be… The tragedy happened at the fall where we lost that definition. And from that moment we have been trying to discover “what defines a man” only to find ourselves confused. Some believe that strictly being a male outwardly validates manhood some even take it a step further and say that they are a man based upon their occurred level of maturity or their accomplishments.

These things may to a degree help us understand manhood but until we have a thriving relationship with God we will never know what it takes to be a man and surprisingly we will never and I mean never match the original definition of a man we can only trust in the perfect man to help us in our discoveries and that perfect man is Jesus.

Answer by: Joshua Eze

What is Worship?

Worship is loving the people who hate me.
Worship is getting and digging into your word regardless of how I feel.
Worship is to respect my Godly parents.
Worship is praying blessings upon the people who hurt me.
Worship is forgiving the people who hurt me the most.
Worship is laying down my pride for your will in my life.
Worship is not allowing my emotions to control me.
Worship is choosing your way over mine.

Worship goes beyond lifting our hands and closing our eyes to a slow song.
Worship is simply obeying God.

Worshiping God should be our lifestyle.
In everything we do, we need to worship God.

How do you think God defines Worship?
Does our definition of worship match God’s definition of Worship?