What defines a man? Does age, maturity or an intimate relationship with God define a man?

My words to menblog post inspired me to ask this question.

Anonymously, I asked the coach of Unplugged this question.
I know what you are thinking.. Ironically, a female asked this question lol!
I love his answer so much, I had to share it.

Here is his answer:

To answer your question directly all 3 defines a man… age lets us know outwardly he’s a man, maturity lets us know he understands and applies what it takes to be a man and his relationship with God validates he’s a man. The issue is many of us men are only found to be men by meeting the age requirement only.

The definition of a man ultimately comes from what God originally defines a man to be… The tragedy happened at the fall where we lost that definition. And from that moment we have been trying to discover “what defines a man” only to find ourselves confused. Some believe that strictly being a male outwardly validates manhood some even take it a step further and say that they are a man based upon their occurred level of maturity or their accomplishments.

These things may to a degree help us understand manhood but until we have a thriving relationship with God we will never know what it takes to be a man and surprisingly we will never and I mean never match the original definition of a man we can only trust in the perfect man to help us in our discoveries and that perfect man is Jesus.

Answer by: Joshua Eze

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