Good Steward over yourself..

Two weeks ago, I got really sick to the point that I had to get out of work for 2 days. I barely get sick, it doesn’t happen; however, I was really sick. After only two days of resting, I had to go back to work. When I got back, I still felt miserable and it affected my work performance .The last few days at work after I got back, my manager was on my case about everything. In the last six months, he really didn’t complain but after I got back he complained about everything.

As he reprimanded for the terrible job I was doing, the holy spirit also reprimanded me. The holy said something interesting, he said “if you are not a good steward over this job, how do you expect me to give you another?” What the holy spirit said cut deeper than my manager’s words.

God can’t be mocked because he is no respecter of person. How do I expect God to give me another job when I am not faithful to the one he gave me now? This blog post is for you and me. We have to be faithful with the little God gives us to do. Yes, I shouldn’t be working where I am working now, but I still have to be faithful with the job I have now. I don’t know where you are.  Don’t ask God for promotion until you are faithful where you are. God will never go against his word for anyone. He can’t bless us with anything better until we do our best where we are. 

Love the LOrd with all your HEART..

I Sam 16:7..”God doesn’t look on your outward appearance, but looks at a man’s heart”
what is it about our heart that is so important to God.
If God wants us to love him with all our heart, it must be very important to God.

As we know, we need our physical hearts to survive.
If your physical heart were to stop beating right now, you would be dead in seconds.
Physically, every human being need their physical hearts to survive.

Our physical and spiritual hearts are different.
In Matt shall love the Lord with all your heart.
I think the reference here was to our spiritual heart.

What is a spiritual heart and why is it so important to God?
I looked at Matthew-John

In Matt 6:21 paraphrasing..our heart is with what we treasure.
Matt 13:19 refers to our spiritual heart as a ground and Luke 8:15 referred to it as well.
Luke 8:15 was about that parable of a man that goes to sow seeds and different
seeds fall on different ground. In this verse, it was a good ground.

Mark 6:52..I see our spiritual heart can harden and doubt because of unbelief (Mark 16:14).
Luke 18:1..Men, ought to pray and not lose heart. Heart in this verse, I think means hope, faith.

John 13:2..If you read, you will see that the enemy has access into our hearts to plant seeds.
John 14:1 and 16:22.. Shows we can worry or rejoice with our hearts.

I know, I need to study more to really understand our spiritual heart.
From my studies so far, it seems our spiritual heart is ground that can accept good or bad seeds.
If it accepts good seeds, it will grow a tree that manifest good fruits and that will be manifested by what we say.
Remember Luke 6:45..”out of the abundance of the heart, the month speaks.”

Obviously, the word of God is the seed that is sown in our spiritual heart.
The enemy having access into our spiritual hearts to plant his own seeds is concerning..

To reiterate, our spiritual heart is different from our physical heart.
It is very important to God.
It seems our spiritual heart is capable of growing both good and bad seeds.
The word of God is the spiritual seed we plant in our heart.
The enemy can also plant his own seeds in our spiritual heart.

My knowledge on our spiritual heart is still vague.
Study with me.
Share what you find.

More to come..