Do you Really Love Him?

God loves us so much..
He proved his love on the Cross.
We say we love God all the time..
Do you really?

What have you done to show God you love him.
I am not talking about trying to please God with works
cos you can’t..
All I am saying is love is an action word.
Have you shown God you love him lately?
Does your actions show your love for God or love for yourself?

If you’re in a relationship and your partner tells you he/she loves you without ever proving it. Would you believe them?
Probably not..
It’s the same thing with our relationship with God.
We have to let our actions match our words.
Of course, God sees your heart but actions still speak louder.

Cultivating this mindset will help us make our relationship with God a top priority.

Dear Christian Girl,

If you are in a relationship with a guy or pursuing anything leading to a relationship
and the guy’s priority is not to please God in your relationship.

Take Time..

I know you are expecting me to say to evaluate the relationship.
No, I’ll say evaluate your relationship with the Lord.
I say evaluate your relationship with the Lord cos He is a jealous God,
He will never give us someone that takes our attention away Him.

Also, if your priority is not to please God in this relationship..
Again, re-evaluate your relationship with the Lord.
Remember God should be glorified in everything we do.
If God is not glorified. Why are u in it??
Think about it!

This msg is also for me,
don’t compromise on your relationship with the Lord.
God first-Matt 6:33