Nigerian Guys and Chivalry

A lot of Nigerian guys hate the word “chivalry” or refuse to know that that word exist. I understand our culture supports the idea that men are superior to women, so men feel they don’t need to do much. Your Nigerian lady deserves to be treated like a lady. We make culture not the other way around.

Chivalry is a western custom we need to adopt into our culture. It’s not just about pulling out chairs or opening doors for your lady. It’s about treating your lady like a lady. Most Nigerian guys refuse to recognize chivalry because it acknowledges the woman first. Our aggressive Nigerian men want to be first in everything even before their wives. Practicing chivalry subconsciously affirms to your woman that she comes first before anybody else even you. Guys who practice chivalry are called “gentlemen.” Your Nigerian lady deserves to be with gentleman.

You will discover more benefits as you adopt chivalry into relationship. I know Nigerian women are strong women but we still need our guys to treat us like ladies. Some Nigerian women don’t like chivalry but if your lady loves it, do it!

You’re that Girl..

Most ladies who watch this proposal wish they were that girl.
You know what? We are that girl.
Ladies, we deserve guys who really love us.
No one can understand love.
Love is not a feeling.
When I see people in their old age holding hands..That’s love!
We deserve the best.
God wants to give us the best but first, we have to know our worth to get the best.
True love starts with God because God is love.

Society tells us to buy love with our looks but LOVE IS PRICELESS.
A Gift that only comes from God.

Ladies, our worth is in Christ not in a man, looks, degrees or anything else.

Please don’t settle for anything less than the best because you deserve to be that Girl! 

Clear sign he is not into you..

move on*Lack of communication: Ladies, this is huge. If a guy doesn’t keep in touch with you as often like he used to most likely he is not into you. If a guy likes you, he will do whatever it takes to talk to you. Guys are complex that’s why we have to pay more attention to their actions than their words. Their actions don’t lie.

Analyze his actions not his words especially when his words don’t match his actions. You will get the answer you need by analyzing his actions. If he is really into you his words and his actions will match.  If he is not communicating as much, back off too and see what happens. Don’t make the mistake of initiating conversations. Don’t beat yourself up, learn from it and move on.

Good Guys are not at the Club..

YES, I seriously believe good guys don’t club. Good guys look for commitments not flings. I rarely hear guys say, I want to find my wife at the club. Ladies, if you are going to the club to find your husband. NEW FLASH: He is not there. No reasonably guy will go to the club to find a meaningful long lasting relationship. Most guys, who go to clubs, go for one reason (you already know). Ladies, don’t expect any guy you meet at the club to respect you because they also know you came for the same reasons they came. Guys are not stupid, they will go to club and party it up but when it is time for them to settle down. They will go somewhere else and find their wife. Boys are at the clubs. Real men are in responsible places.

You want A Good Man? Read on!

Ladies today’s message is for you…

someone sent a message to me last night
and i always see this problem with women on my Facebook.
In the the message sent to me she ask for a favor to pray for her to find a husband.
I prayed for her

…Later when i look at her pictures on Facebook all i saw was “backside, butt, booty and her face , don’t get me wrong she is a beautiful woman, however it can just be the only gift God must have given her, she was not showing others things she may be proud of….anyways it seems she was more proud of her butt or booty…

I say to you if you are looking for a Godly man you have to show your self like a Godly woman,
..Ps be in a look out for my book (“Excellency of a Godly woman”)

the bible said we should treat our body ” holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship”
Romans 12:1 when you are showing your backside you are telling the boys you are still a young girl, so why will a man take a look at you to be his wife?
the bible said in the book of Proverbs 18:22 “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.”

showing the world your naked body is not finding favor from God,

I don’t know about you but if i see my future wife dress like it Friday night all the time? something will have change for sure,
i don’t think i will look at you or bring you home to meet my family or bring you home to be favor by the Lord.

The way you dress shows if you are ready to be woman at home or a Friday night girl in the streets,
However when you change you are telling the world you are a new woman, ”Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come”2 Corinthians 5:17.

I pray you find your new self in our Lord Christ be bless and cover the body for your future husband.

Written by: Sheka Mansaray

My comment: Let the church say… Amen!!!

Girl Reality Check..


african wedding bridal party

We fantasize about our weddings.
Yet, we somehow forget that our marriage is more important.
It makes no sense to spend thousands of dollars or naira on a wedding only for it to end in a divorce.

There’s nothing wrong in spending a lot of money on your wedding..
But, you need to INVEST more into your marriage to make sure it works.

Weddings are beautiful..
Every girl dreams of their Cinderella moment on their wedding day.
Cinderella on your wedding day,                                                            
and an Evil queen after your wedding makes no sense. African Wedding 2

Don’t get me wrong spend as much as you want on your wedding;
However, you need to invest more in your marriage prior and after the wedding to make sure your marriage works.

Your Wedding is a one day event.
if you’re African like me.. A two day event.
For other cultures a multiple day event.

Point is all our wedding festivities will come to an end.
Your Marriage should be forever.
Which one deserves more investment??

Malachi 2:16-“I hate divorce” says the Lord.

“It’s better to have an average wedding with an exceptional marriage, than a dream wedding but the marriage be a nightmare.”-Singles and Married Africa

Dear Christian Girl,

If you are in a relationship with a guy or pursuing anything leading to a relationship
and the guy’s priority is not to please God in your relationship.

Take Time..

I know you are expecting me to say to evaluate the relationship.
No, I’ll say evaluate your relationship with the Lord.
I say evaluate your relationship with the Lord cos He is a jealous God,
He will never give us someone that takes our attention away Him.

Also, if your priority is not to please God in this relationship..
Again, re-evaluate your relationship with the Lord.
Remember God should be glorified in everything we do.
If God is not glorified. Why are u in it??
Think about it!

This msg is also for me,
don’t compromise on your relationship with the Lord.
God first-Matt 6:33