Quick words to Married Couples..

Couples please make sure your Marriage is as beautiful as your wedding.
I have said this before and I will say it again..
If you had a fairy tale wedding, you also need to work hard to have your happy ending.
You have to INVEST in your Marriage!!!
Don’t neglect your Marriage.
The wedding was the easy part.
Invest in your relationship!!!!

Singles need to see more married couples who are truly happy in their marriage.
The stats are against marriage right now..

Single Ladies: Fantasize about your marriage not your wedding.
That’s the mistake of some women made. They invested more in their wedding than their marriage.
There’s no point having a big wedding, if it’s going to end in a divorce.

Girl Reality Check..


african wedding bridal party

We fantasize about our weddings.
Yet, we somehow forget that our marriage is more important.
It makes no sense to spend thousands of dollars or naira on a wedding only for it to end in a divorce.

There’s nothing wrong in spending a lot of money on your wedding..
But, you need to INVEST more into your marriage to make sure it works.

Weddings are beautiful..
Every girl dreams of their Cinderella moment on their wedding day.
Cinderella on your wedding day,                                                            
and an Evil queen after your wedding makes no sense. African Wedding 2

Don’t get me wrong spend as much as you want on your wedding;
However, you need to invest more in your marriage prior and after the wedding to make sure your marriage works.

Your Wedding is a one day event.
if you’re African like me.. A two day event.
For other cultures a multiple day event.

Point is all our wedding festivities will come to an end.
Your Marriage should be forever.
Which one deserves more investment??

Malachi 2:16-“I hate divorce” says the Lord.

“It’s better to have an average wedding with an exceptional marriage, than a dream wedding but the marriage be a nightmare.”-Singles and Married Africa