You’re that Girl..

Most ladies who watch this proposal wish they were that girl.
You know what? We are that girl.
Ladies, we deserve guys who really love us.
No one can understand love.
Love is not a feeling.
When I see people in their old age holding hands..That’s love!
We deserve the best.
God wants to give us the best but first, we have to know our worth to get the best.
True love starts with God because God is love.

Society tells us to buy love with our looks but LOVE IS PRICELESS.
A Gift that only comes from God.

Ladies, our worth is in Christ not in a man, looks, degrees or anything else.

Please don’t settle for anything less than the best because you deserve to be that Girl! 

Single Ladies, Get Higher!

“Who God has for you is for you and will only have eyes for you”-  Kim Brooks

If he says.. he likes you but he has wandering eyes (watch out)..
Indirectly, he is telling you are not what he wants.
Guys will continue to search for what they want until they find it.

Your Boaz-man should only have eyes for you.
Boaz was a rich man, he could have had any woman he wanted but his eyes were only on Ruth.
He wasn’t checking out Ruth and another servant girl. 

We will settle for any guy if we don’t know our identity in Christ.
Low self-esteem women are also prone to settling..

Know your identity in Christ and use that to build up your self-esteem.

I challenge you to get higher in your relationship with God and self-esteem before your next relationship.

God wants the best for us. 
We will never meet God’s best for us.. if we keep settling for the counterfeits. 


Don’t judge your life by Other people’s success or failure. The road of life is different for everyone. No one walk the road of life the same. A very good and kind man may die at 30 but a wicked and evil man may live till 80, between the two who is better?

The most intelligent student may graduate and get a good job but the dull student may drop out, struggle but someday build a very outstanding company. A virgin may struggle to give birth after marriage but a lady that have undergone multiple abortion may give birth nine months after marriage. Some may find love early during their teen but lose it by 35, others may find love at 40 and live happily ever after.

It may not happen the same way it happen to the other because everyone is different. But always try to give your best, so at the end, you will be glad you did!

Written by: Mfon Ekene