Don’t judge your life by Other people’s success or failure. The road of life is different for everyone. No one walk the road of life the same. A very good and kind man may die at 30 but a wicked and evil man may live till 80, between the two who is better?

The most intelligent student may graduate and get a good job but the dull student may drop out, struggle but someday build a very outstanding company. A virgin may struggle to give birth after marriage but a lady that have undergone multiple abortion may give birth nine months after marriage. Some may find love early during their teen but lose it by 35, others may find love at 40 and live happily ever after.

It may not happen the same way it happen to the other because everyone is different. But always try to give your best, so at the end, you will be glad you did!

Written by: Mfon Ekene