A letter from Mr. Cabin Biscuit to Mr. Oreo,

Dear Mr. Oreo,

Cabin BiscuitsHow you dey? I am just here showing Mrs. Cabin biscuit this your video “Mr. Oreo.” I saw the video too.. It was nice sha, but mmm.. You already know what this letter is about so I am not going to front. I understand the message you were trying to convey, but couldn’t you do it and still call your video “Mr. Cabin biscuit.” Wait, why are you black on the outside and white on this inside? Wettin dey worry you?

No, I am not mad o, but I am just saying. Do you know how many Nigerian boarding students I have saved from starvation? Do you know that Nigerian boarding students cry to their parents if they don’t add me to their provisions? Do you know how many Nigerian families have me with groundnuts?

Don’t get me started.. I have a question for you Mr. Oreo. What has Oreo done for you that Mr. and Mrs. Cabin hasn’t done for you over the years? I have the right to vex. This is not fair now. I am here trying to save Nigeria from starvation and you are over there singing about Oreos. My friend you no get respect? Which kind wahala be this? I feel underappreciated in this country. This thing you do.. It no good o!!

I have talked to Mrs. Cabin biscuit about the consequences of your actions. Mrs. Cabin biscuit was even pleading with me to pardon you o(can you imagine?) I told her “forget that thing.” From the Cabin family to your family, we are banning you and your future generations from our savory taste. Don’t beg me; you have insulted me and my family. No Cabin Biscuit for you Mr. Oreoand your future generations. Look at Mrs. Cabin biscuit begging me. I think Mrs. Cabin biscuit is begging me because of your muscles. She said the Cabin family helped you gain all that muscle. Again.. You are BANNED from the Cabin Biscuits family.

I don’t understand why Nigerians are quick to promote foreigners before their own. Nigerians, it’s time to love yourselves. Mr. Oreo we are banning until you make a song about us na. My friend, you better respect yourself o.

Mr. Cabin Biscuit and the Cabin Family

FYI: My family will be dancing to Kukere as we wait for our video. We expect our video by December 2015

When Jesus Say Yes?-Nigerian vs. American…

The Nigerian Version of when Jesus Say Yes..

I remember growing up to hear this song in Nigeria. This song is part of my childhood memories.

The American Cover of When Jesus Yes by Michelle Williams..

I am very proud of Michelle Williams for Americanizing this song.
I have to be honest; the American version of this song took me off guard.
She made an old Nigerian gospel song sound very modern with a little spice of her flavor.
I also want the original artists of this song to get the credit as well.
We are starting to bridge the cultural gap between Americans and Africans.
Very nice..

Soweto Gospel Choir

As you can tell I love South Africans. I love the music, culture, fashion, dance and anything South African.
South Africa is my next favorite country after Nigeria.

I love this song.

Modimo re boka wena– God, we praise thee

goba tsotlhe di entswe ke wena– everything is made by you (You make everything possible)

Rea go leboga Modimo, tau ya leloko la Juta– We’re thankful God, the lion king of Judea
-Interpretation by a youtube user name 89therapist

When Music made Sense..

This is an old Nigerian song that says “Wait for me”
I wrote out the lyrics without the pidgin English

My young girl love is in your body.
This thing they call love is a serious affair.
Think well before you agree..
Please, if you will love her, you will plan it well.
Oh yes,
If you love me,
you will wait for me.

When you have girlfriend,
take your time that you don’t spoil her,
if you make children are you ready to care?
If you love life, you will plan it well.
Yes. If you love me,
you will wait for me.

Having babies is not a joke,
you will feed them,
give them cloth and give them love too.
If you are not ready to carry the load,
why would you put the load on someone else head?

Many children is an insurance for old age,
they never say we should marry,
they never say we should have kids.
There are lots of children but with no food to eat,
my friend..
This kind of life is so wahala (issue)..
That’s true,
if you love me,
you will wait for me.

Happy parents make happy children.
Happy children make happy country,
make sure you plan well and enjoy your life.
If you love me,
you will plan with me.
If you love me,
you will wait for me.

Wait for me,
baby plan with me (repeat).
Don’t forget to plan that’s what make life sweet. (Best Song EVER!)

Forget all the garbage from MTV and BET..
Young people need song to listen to songs like this,
where they are encourage to plan their lives.

Sex is not everything.
If you are not ready for the consequences that comes along premarital sex..maybe you need to  reconsider.
We live in this hyper-sexual world where everybody is encouraged to have sex but nobody talks about planning.