Soweto Gospel Choir

As you can tell I love South Africans. I love the music, culture, fashion, dance and anything South African.
South Africa is my next favorite country after Nigeria.

I love this song.

Modimo re boka wena– God, we praise thee

goba tsotlhe di entswe ke wena– everything is made by you (You make everything possible)

Rea go leboga Modimo, tau ya leloko la Juta– We’re thankful God, the lion king of Judea
-Interpretation by a youtube user name 89therapist

Africa 101: South Africans

Question: what do Black South Africans and Black Americans have in common?

Answer: They are both victims of white supremacy.

White Supremacy is a mental inferiority complex mostly among white people who think their race is better than black people. This shallow mentality has lead to a lot brutality against black people.

Information from: White Supremacy: A Comparative Study of American and South African History By George M. Fredrickson. 

The effects of slavery still lingers in South Africa and the US.

Here is a song from a movie called “Sarafina,” it shows the world the struggle by black South Africans.

If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s on youtube.

*Black people, our ancestors had it rough.. Very Rough!
We have no EXCUSE!!!*

Africa 101- Clicking Language

Lesson #3

All Africans don’t speak the language that makes clicking sounds.
The name of the language is Xhosa language and it is South African (Info from Google Scholar)
It is very appropriate to ask someone from South Africa about this language.

Asking other Africans about this language is not appropriate.

Again, this language is South African.

Tomorrow… I will answer this question: Where do Africans live in huts? trees? forest?