Nigerian Guys and Chivalry

A lot of Nigerian guys hate the word “chivalry” or refuse to know that that word exist. I understand our culture supports the idea that men are superior to women, so men feel they don’t need to do much. Your Nigerian lady deserves to be treated like a lady. We make culture not the other way around.

Chivalry is a western custom we need to adopt into our culture. It’s not just about pulling out chairs or opening doors for your lady. It’s about treating your lady like a lady. Most Nigerian guys refuse to recognize chivalry because it acknowledges the woman first. Our aggressive Nigerian men want to be first in everything even before their wives. Practicing chivalry subconsciously affirms to your woman that she comes first before anybody else even you. Guys who practice chivalry are called “gentlemen.” Your Nigerian lady deserves to be with gentleman.

You will discover more benefits as you adopt chivalry into relationship. I know Nigerian women are strong women but we still need our guys to treat us like ladies. Some Nigerian women don’t like chivalry but if your lady loves it, do it!