Good Guys are not at the Club..

YES, I seriously believe good guys don’t club. Good guys look for commitments not flings. I rarely hear guys say, I want to find my wife at the club. Ladies, if you are going to the club to find your husband. NEW FLASH: He is not there. No reasonably guy will go to the club to find a meaningful long lasting relationship. Most guys, who go to clubs, go for one reason (you already know). Ladies, don’t expect any guy you meet at the club to respect you because they also know you came for the same reasons they came. Guys are not stupid, they will go to club and party it up but when it is time for them to settle down. They will go somewhere else and find their wife. Boys are at the clubs. Real men are in responsible places.

You are Responsible for the Man you Attract..

If you dress liketrashy  don’t be surprised if you attract himthugs..
…if you want a husband don’t dress like this..

There’s no way you will dress like this without attracting a Dog(sleep with you and dump you).
You will definitely get attention but for the wrong reasons.
In rare cases, some men see beyond this and still marry the lady;
however, more dogs than real men will be attracted.

Guys go to clubs to find girls to sleep with..
No guy who meets you dressed like that will take you seriously.

A man will sleep with a lose woman but he will never marry her.
If you dress like this..
men automatically think you are easy or lose..
and what man wants to marry a woman like that??

In fact, if you don’t believe me read this..
letters-to-women-from-men(click to enlarge)

If you want a man or husband like Prince A(Just an example, LOL!)
Modesty is attractive to a man who is serious about finding a wife.