You are Responsible for the Man you Attract..

If you dress liketrashy  don’t be surprised if you attract himthugs..
…if you want a husband don’t dress like this..

There’s no way you will dress like this without attracting a Dog(sleep with you and dump you).
You will definitely get attention but for the wrong reasons.
In rare cases, some men see beyond this and still marry the lady;
however, more dogs than real men will be attracted.

Guys go to clubs to find girls to sleep with..
No guy who meets you dressed like that will take you seriously.

A man will sleep with a lose woman but he will never marry her.
If you dress like this..
men automatically think you are easy or lose..
and what man wants to marry a woman like that??

In fact, if you don’t believe me read this..
letters-to-women-from-men(click to enlarge)

If you want a man or husband like Prince A(Just an example, LOL!)
Modesty is attractive to a man who is serious about finding a wife.

4 thoughts on “You are Responsible for the Man you Attract..

  1. Agree — and agree with the above comment. As long as you dress for success (not…undress?) and have your mind in the right place I think it is much easier to weed out inferior partners and focus on the good ones. 😉

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