Life Quote 2015: Feb 27

“Don’t be afraid to step in uncertainty, when you know that the God that you are stepping out with is certain.”-Ismael Lowery

Where is my Gollibe?

Are you a single Nigerian guy? If yes, you most likely asked yourself this question after watching Flavour’s new music video. If you didn’t ask yourself this question, at least the question crossed your mind. Chai, be honest, na! I loved the message behind the video. It was brilliant and I personally think it’s one of Flavour’s best works; however, this video does not help single Nigerian ladies aboard.

I have lived in the States for 13 years now. 2 out of 3 Nigerian men I meet want to go back home to pick their wives. It is perfectly fine if you already had someone back at home. That’s a different story. Due to the influence of Nigerian movies, social media, and our old school Nigerian mentality these men feel like they have to go back home to find their wives.

                         New flash for Nigerian guys aboard: You can find Gollibe anywhere. 


What is so special about Gollibe? She is innocent: simple, good-natured, kind and family oriented. Guys want Gollibe because of her inner beauty and wife qualities. Every guy deserves a Golibe. Most men can agree that they want a good natured girl.

If you are looking for a good natured girl, why would life geographically restrict the good girls from coming to the city? Good girls can be found anywhere. The idea that good girls can only be found in the village is a ludicrous thought. Ladies in the city should not be penalized for being in the city. More exposure doesn’t mean more venality. Bad girls are everywhere, the village is not exempted.

City ladies can be good as village ladies. Village girls can be equally bad. Even though Nigerian men are more inclined to look for Gollibe in the village, I implore you to use the same tactics you would use to find Gollibe in the village in the city and see if you wouldn’t be surprised. Give the ladies around you a sincere chance before you go searching in the village.

How do find your Golibe in the village? You ask your friends and family for recommendations. They give you who they recommend. You meet her. Hopefully, you observe and court her long enough to really know her. You don’t have any preconceived notions about her. You give her a fair chance. Why can’t you do the same for the ladies there in Yankee with you?

Don’t be intimidated by the independent Nigerian ladies aboard, you can find your Gollibe anywhere!!!

Why Africans look down on Black Americans?

After doing my research, I found four points were present in all the sources I reviewed. It became too redundant that it bored me.

4 Points I found in all my Sources:

1. Africans really think that Black-Americans are violent and lazy- One the sources clearly said that Africans are picking up the white’s fear of blacks (I thought this was very interesting).
2. Africans hate the fact that African-Americans blame slavery and racism for most of their problems.
3. Africans don’t understand why African-Americans don’t take advantage of the many opportunities available to them here in the States.
4. Africans think that a lot of Black-Americans are ignorant about Africa because they still have this primitive, old perception of Africans.

Of course this is not TRUE for all Africans. The four points above could be one of the reasons why Africans look down on Black Americans. All four points were found in all the sources I reviewed. Interesting points, I also found..

1. Africans know their identities are not easily offended when people try to put them down (found in the first source).
2. Africans and Black-American respond to adversity differently. Black-Americans blame the system while Africans are willing to do any jobs instead of blaming the system (found in the first source).
3. Africans receive better treatments from whites which angers Black-Americans (found in the second source).
4. Africans see education as a tool that open the doors within the American society(found in the second source).

The only thing that could undermine this research is that I did not review more sources. Honestly after two educational sources and a research based article with the same results… The light bulb came on.

Sources: Click below

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3

What do you guys think?

Fight for U!

Our biggest battle is not against racism, our enemies, Society, our Past experiences, background etc..etc.
Our biggest Battles takes place in our Minds.
If we lose in our minds, we will lose in Life.
If we win in our minds, we will win in Life.
Our Thoughts are powerful.
Our thoughts creates our Future.
What are you thinking about??

“As a man thinks in his heart so is he”-Ps. 23:7

Lessons Life has Taught me..

1. The spiritual world controls the physical. You’ll accomplish more praying than complaining.
2. True friends are a gift from God. You can’t get anyone to like you. True friends will love you unconditionally. Seasonal friends will come, but true friends will last.
3. The man for you wouldn’t deliberately hurt you.
4. The person that tries to hurt you is already hurting themselves.
5. If you care what everybody thinks about you, it means you’re insecure in your own self. You don’t know your identity in Christ.
6. Never care what others think more than what God and you thinks. God knows you more than yourself. You know yourself more than others. Others can only guess.
7. Caring about what others think undermines what God thinks about you.
8. Your life is a product of your own thinking.
9. You make excuses cos you don’t want to take responsibility for your own actions.
10. There’s a spirit attached to every sin.
11. People that compare themselves to others are already insecure in themselves.
12. Everybody experiences some kind of difficulty in their life. Nobody has it easy.
13. The decisions you make today will affect your kids tomorrow.
14. It is easy to put things in prospective when you live for eternity.
15. For some reason, some people wouldn’t like you. It happens to everyone. That’s their problem. Don’t carry their problem and make it yours.
16. Some men seek beauty to find love. Best way is to seek God, everything you need is found in him.
17. Your emotions are products of your own thoughts.

More to come..