NEVER do this:

1. Initiate conversations
It takes courage to talk to a girl. Most ladies want someone courageous or bold, allowing the guy to take that first bold step will let you know if you are dealing with a wimp or not. Nobody wants to be with a wimp. Trust me, courage is an attractive quality. If you keep helping him by initiating conversations, you will never know how serious he is about you. A guy that is serious about you will overcome his fears and pursue. If he doesn’t initiate conversations, don’t help him at all.

From experience, initiating conversation didn’t help him overcome the demons of his past. Most of time, the reason a guy doesn’t initiate first is cos of their past. The only person that can aid him overcome his past is him. If he really likes you, but never comes out to say that’s his loss and problem. Again, he has to overcome whatever is holding him back by himself. Honestly, you don’t want to be fighting the demons of his past with him, so let him handle that and get that settled b/f he pursues you.

I know what you’re thinking what if he is really shy?? Well, cute shyness is attractive but  shyness that impairs your ability to function is not attractive at all. If he is not courageous enough to initiate the first moves, let him go!! A wimp chickens out. A courageous person takes risk, now that’s attractive.

2. Lower your Standards:
A guy that loves you will appreciate you and all. If you have to lower anything, he is probably not for you. The person for you will respect your boundaries and do anything to protect you. Know your identity to the point that you don’t need him to feel complete. Let him know your standards and boundaries from the very beginning and consequences, if he breeches your boundaries. Uphold your standards. A good guy wants a girl with high standards. The guy that wants you to lower your standards just wants to sleep with you (sucks!). So what are your standards?

3. Sleep with a guy to show love
Ladies, educate yourselves! You can tell a guy in other ways you love him without sleeping with him. I hate when guys use the line “if you really love, you’d sleep with me,” I can’t stand it. Sex is meant for marriage. The best way you can protect yourself in having sex is in marriage or abstinence. Sex is the highest level of intimacy b/w a man and woman. A guy that wants to sleep with you outside the institution of marriage, you need to raise your eyebrows. Society has taught us that sex with boyfriend and girlfriend is ok and no, it is not. Family is the building block of society. Sex is not taken seriously anymore that’s why we have so many single parents and broken kids all over society. The best expression of love through sex is within an institute of marriage. Protect your future kids and yourself by being wise when you have sex.

4. Fight for a guy
A man is suppose to fight for you. It is not your place to fight for him. Fighting another girl for your guy is kinda low. That’s how you know that the guy is really into you by fighting for you. Fighting for a guy seems kinda desperate. Desperate girls do crazy. Don’t be desperate.

5. Change yourself for a guy
It is not worth it. The guy for you will appreciate everything about you. He can influence you positively, no problem. If he starts comparing you to another girl to be like so and so, we have a problem.

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