I have a Secret..

What is this secret? 
You see.. 
I have this big dream that will help a lot of people. 
This dream is so much bigger than me. 

When this idea was laid on my heart. 
I was asking God, you want me to do what? 
Just like Moses, I looked at my weaknesses instead of focusing on God’s supernatural power. 

His ways are not ours. 
He wouldn’t give me an idea without already opening the door to make it happen. 
To change my thinking, 
I have been focusing on these scriptures. 

I hope these scriptures also help you to take limits off God. 

God can DO ANYTHING!!! 

2 thoughts on “I have a Secret..

  1. You are very right. He will not give you any idea without giving you the strength to fulfill it. Focus on your idea and ask Him for the grace to fulfill it to the end. May He give the wisdom to fulfill it in Jesus name.

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