A New Look at African Aid by Andrew Mwenda

International Eagles of Nigeria

Foreigners are helping us but we are still poor. Why?
Treating the symptoms of the problem without targeting the cause is not helping our African countries.
We need a new approach to target problems in Africa.

Please watch the video to the end to get the full gist.

Brief notes from this Ted Talk:

The western world frames Africa wrongly by portraying Africa as a place of despair.
Africa has been stripped of self-initiative.
Africa has a lot of fundamental weaknesses but it has a lot of opportunities and potentials.

Africa needs to be framed as a challenge of hope.
Providing aids such as food, medicine, and education only treats the symptoms of Africa’s problem.
Money needs to be placed where it will grow by investing in entrepreneurship by:
a. supporting private investors.
b. supporting research institutions because knowledge is power.

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