Do you notice patterns in your love life?

Do you keep attracting the same types of people?
It is weird how that happens.
One of my close guy friends noticed a relationship pattern in his love life.
For example, the people he is attracted to and the people that are attracted to him have the same career path (medical doctors or students). Even the people that he is attracted to and he knows nothing about them always end up being pre-med or medical students for some reason.
For me, I have notice a relationship pattern as well.
Most of the guys, I have talked or dated have being very significant males born child in their families. It is so weird. Even the once I am attracted to and I know nothing about them have been very significant male born of their families.
The crazy thing is that even the guys that are innocently attracted to you fit the same relationship pattern.
Do you guy notice patterns in your love life?


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