Mother Africa

Dear Mother Africa,

I am one of your children.
My heart saddens for your children,
and you haven’t done anything.

You’re a mother,
Do you weep when you see lots of your children
deficient of basic life necessities
like clean water, food and shelter?
We have been exploited, scorned, mistreated
and many heartless things have been done to us.

Momma, have u seen?

We are hated for been black.
The world says our skin color is not pretty enough.
We are maltreated for facts,
we didn’t choose.

Why do they hate us so much?

Living in your continent has brought so much pain.
Why were we chosen to go through this much pain?
We are just kids.
No kid deserve a perilous childhood
coupled with an uncertain future.

Every child deserves their father and mother present
showering them with love.
Every child deserve clean water, shelter, light and
free education.
How can we make u proud when we have to fight
for our lives everyday.

Do you care about us?

Some of us are all alone because
we lost our parents and loved ones to war.
No kid should grow up alone in a very scary world.

Mama, do you care about us at all?
We are not asking for much,
we just want the basic.
Can u just promise us the basic?
Can u?

We want your countries,
free of wars
Living in peace
caring for its citizens
and future.

For once,
show us we matter.

The children of Africa

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