Nigerian Tag (Blog Version)

1-What’s your nigerian name?
2-Were you Born in Nigeria?
3-Favourite Nigerian movie?
*Osuofia in London
4-Favourite nigerian song?

5-Favourite Nigerian food?
*Fried plantain and beans.
7-When was the last time you were in Nigeria?
* more than 5 yrs ago.
8-What tribe are you?
* Ibibio

9-Say something in your tribal language?
Abadie (how are u?)
What do you like most about nigeria?
*Our funny people
What do you hate most about Nigeria?
*The leaders
Do you have any Nigerian Nicknames?
*Asian (believe it not this means something in my language)..
What makes you different from other Nigerians?
*hmm…I don’t know.
Do you speak your language?

Do you speak pidgin English?
*I try lol!
What around your house represents your culture?
*My family portrait in our African attire
What is a ridiculous question you were asked about your culture?
*Is (803) the area code of Nigeria?

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