SCAM ALERT (319-983-3474)

If you will get a text that says this.. “Am looking for a babysitter for my son starting from next month. We need someone who is responsible, reliable, and flexible! Email your résumé to me my email is from thanks”


Please pass on this message…

17 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT (319-983-3474)

  1. I got this text how did they scam u? I was really excited about the new job the offer who ever this person. Made and found it was all over internet that its a scam

    • Me too..
      I replied and all..
      They sent me this picture and made look so believable..
      She kept asking for more information about me.
      I read an article about how to avoid scam on
      and it started clicking.
      I look it up on google and I saw this forum from other people saying they got the same message. I knew then.. it was a scam.
      I just had to blog it to alert other people.

      • Well thank you so much for doing so because your blog was first one I read to alert me yeah I got the pic too said she wanted to pay me ahead 375$ then send another 2400 for her sons electric wheelchair to be delivered to my house!! Thank goodness I don’t have a bank account but feel really stupid for falling for it enough to give my address hope they just leave me alone now that they know I don’t have bank account

      • She sent me the same thing right here..

        Thank you for your email.I have decided to choose you for this position and i do hope for a very eventful time with you while
        you look after my son. His name is Andy. I will like to state the job details to you again so we wouldn’t have any
        complications at the end.The start date is April 22nd. You will have Andy from 8.30am through 1pm Mondays through Fridays His
        nap time ranges between 11:30 to 1.30pm He has no allergies The pay rate is $15/HourYou will
        be paid for his snacks/food daily or at the end of each week (which ever you prefer).I was in Denver about 6months ago and
        had a nanny for the him along West Colfax Avenue but she moved to Canada with her husband about 3month ago. I will like for us to
        meet on sunday (21st April, 2013) evening so we can talk about the kid-fun activities i will be interested in and get to know each other. We could meet at the
        McDonald’s close to you if that works for you.I once booked a nanny and on arrival she told me she got another job which was
        a big disappointment.For this reason,I will like to commit you by paying (DEPOSITING) you for the first week of your service
        before our arrival to secure the date so i can be absolutely sure of having you care for Andy to enable things go perfectly without
        disappointment.I am planning on having the wheelchair seller deliver it to you immediately after payment so you can have it ready for
        Andy on arrival since the seller lives in North Carolina. Hope that isn’t a problem?I will be looking forward to your email to
        ensure we are on the same page.Thanks and have a blessed day.

        So sad.. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Ok I got the exact same message but she just emailed me again today saying she mails check via fed -x and gave me tracking number I tracked it something is coming to my house from her what do I do?? Did she do same to u?

    • I hope you didn’t share your bank account with her. Just email her and tell her you are not interested in the job and she shouldn’t send anything to your house.

  3. I told her I don’t have bank account but the whatever it is is due to be delivered at 12 today by fed x I’m really worried now

    • She told me, she would deliver a wheel chair to me. I hope that’s not what she is delivering. Please take caution.. 911 is a call away. Don’t be scared.

      • Yeah she said that to me too the fed x thing says its envelope but yeah I’m calling sherriff I feel so stupid what if its some waking puts poision on it in it or something 😦 a bomb or just try to rob me I feel so stupid for falling for this.:(

      • No.. As soon as I told her, I wasn’t interested in the job she stopped sending me emails.

  4. Ok I’m calling sherrif and telling her I’m not interested not going to cash that check at all!! If that’s what it is? Thanks

  5. So the check arrived I took it to the police thinking about calling my local news to do a story on this so maybe they wont get away with hurting more people

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