Africa 101: Trivia

Try to answer these questions before looking at the answers.

1. Name the largest country in Africa?
2. Name the smallest country in Africa?
3. Name the most populous country in Africa?
4. Name an African country that has two African countries inside it?
5. Madagascar is a country in Africa..True or False?

1. Algeria
2. Seychelles
3. Nigeria
4. South Africa
5. True

6 thoughts on “Africa 101: Trivia

  1. Hi. I’ve been teaching a class about Africa the last couple weeks to young people. What would you suggest is the one misunderstood thing we north americans need to understand about Africa?

    • I think the one-sided image of Africans is one thing that is really misunderstood by North Americans.

      North Americans really think a lot of Africans are poor, malnourished, sick, uneducated, and charity projects. They fail to understand that with every story there’s another side to the story.

      Not all Africans are poor, uneducated..etc…etc. It’s unfortunate because the media doesn’t tell the other side of the story.

      • Yes I knew that going in but it was solidified going there. So in the end I learned I should share whoever I am… Curiously my husband it very interesting and meaningful work. So we will probably go again still. Thanks for sharing!!

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