When I was much younger I remember the fuss that was made about  Vision 2010. Do you remember? They said there will be education for all, food for all, house for all in 2010. Interestingly 2010 has come and passed. And all of those promises are yet to be fulfilled.Then there was the 2020 fuss. Everybody talked about it for a while.I know certain motivational speakers who organized seminars and conferences about Vision 2020. All kinds of NGOs here and there sprouted out.Perhaps it is because we are in now 2013, the Vision 2020 fuss has mellowed down and I have just recently started hearing about 2025.

What a Nation! A nation of dreams and ideas but no action.

Perhaps you have heard about the 3000 pounds bond that some high risk nations, as United Kingdom has chosen to call them, have to pay in order to receive 6 months…

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