The counterfeit..

His heart craves for love so bad
but his actions yields selfishness..
A selfish heart is not capable of Love.
Love is antagonist to Selfishness.
Am concerned that his selfish heart
will only lead him to the very thing he fears
This 4-letter word guides his steps.

He is every Christian woman’s nightmare,
His words is sweet and very convincing..
However, the detects of his heart
is far from the truth.

He wears a mask to portray the original.
He will tell you what you want to hear,
and probably the same thing he is telling
other girls.

How to recognize the counterfeit:

1. He doesn’t have an intimate relationship with God: Being with him wouldn’t strengthen your relationship with God.

2. He hurt you in the past: Love shouldn’t hurt. Hurt is inspired by selfishness. Selfishness is inspired by fear. In the presence of Fear, Love can’t Strive. I John 4:18-Perfect Love cast out all fears.

3. He constantly compares you to another. 2 Cor. 10:12- to one to another is not wise.

4. He lies to you..
if you’re honest with him. It’s a clear sign of immaturity and lack of responsibility.
This is so
disrespectful (you deserve better).
A guy that will lie to you will play you.
Players lie.
Make sure, you have
substantial evidence (don’t assume)

5. He left you to talk to another..
Guys that do this are subconsciously telling you,
you don’t have all the qualities I want. When a man finds his rib, he will
stop searching. Except, he purposely wants to play every female.

6. He flirts with other girls in front of your face: This act is very immature and a clear sign that probably the reason he is with you might also be very superficial. The man for you will not disrespect you. If he does this.. It’s a clear sign he has his eyes
for other girls.

Best way to handle moving on from a counterfeit:

1. Pray for them-(ex..salvation, future) pray for good things for them.
It might hurt cos they hurt you but trust me,
it is the best way to handle evil. Overcome evil with good.

2. Cut them completely off.. No msg, txting, fb..
You can’t move on when you’re constantly in contact.

3. Meditate on Christ’s love for you.

4. Busy yourself by helping others.

5. Every time you think about him or her,
speak out LOud: God loves me or
I am complete in Christ.

6. Remember, this person had to get out of
your life, so that you can refocus your attention
on God.

7. Pray for your future spouse, but don’t idolize the idea of meeting your future spouse that you forget about your relationship with God.

8. Read a book about Waiting till God’s time.

9. Trust God’s plan for your life- Jeremiah 29:11

10. Forgive the counterfeit..

11. Don’t rehearse the old conversations.

Remember, the joy you will feel with your Spouse
will override the pain you feel now.

It is our duty to be on the look out for the counterfeits..
Trust me, the original is so WORTH the WAIT.


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