I John 4:18

“Perfect love cast out all fears.”

You know the moment when you’re dealing with something
and you just don’t know what it is..
Suddenly, God shines his light on the darkness.
And then you go “ahh, that’s better!”

To get what you really want,
you have to surrender all.
I mean ALL!!
Until, we get to the point of total submission,
then, we don’t know what true love is..

God is teaching me right now to just TRUST him.
Am the kind of person,
I like to plan ahead like my dad.
Then, I turn and look at my present condition,
and ask “Lord, how will this be?”
His answer always is.. “Edikan just TRUST me”

Faith is trusting God even when it doesn’t make sense.
Fear questions..
Faith sees it already done.
Faith allows us to stop worrying and let God be God.

if you can spend your life trusting God more than worrying..
It will be so worth it.

Someone once told me..
if you’re going to pray don’t worry.
if you’re going to worry don’t pray!

3 thoughts on “I John 4:18

  1. i kinder experienced that first hand, when i was registering somewhere and along the way i experienced many misshupps and looking back if each of those misshupps never happened when they happened i would have had to wait for another year to register.

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